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Elevated Test After PCT? 18-20 Week Cycles?

Hi guys!, New to the site, loving the threads. Looking for some advice.

I’ve been training for the past 3.5 years, and on and off for a good portion of my life. I’m 31 next month 6 foot 4 (193cm) and sitting on 90 kg. I realize im still tiny but when I started I was 63kg and for all intensive purposes; Anorexic. Or close enough to it. So although I’d like to be bigger I’m pretty happy not to be in the state I was in. My goal is to eventually get to a size big enough to cut up and compete. Greif, greif drove me into not eating, I’m healing. Anyway…

6 months ago I started a course of Testosterone cyponate @ 200mg once per week. I put on about 7kg that has stayed on as I practiced PCT during with arimidex EOD and at the end, one month of Nolvadex.

During this time I finally broke through my eating problems, and my nutrition is much better.

My first question is: How come after my PCT I had an elevated testosterone? (perceiveably). I’d wake up in the middle of the night with stronger erections than I’d even had on cycle, I would note that my sex drive was completely void and null before cycle (could be grief). Could this just be nutrition? I’m still growing at rather a strong rate and hitting PB’s and I dont get it. My last nolvadex was taken 20/12/2018. And the erections lasted until a week ago.

My second question concerns my next cycle: Is 18 weeks of 300mg Test C and 300mg of boldenone too much? Really its 20 weeks but I’m expecting to lose some due to residue and what’s left in the sharp.

As a foot note: I dont intend on starting this course until my pb’s and size gains fall off. And no, I didn’t get blood work done although I will before, during and afterward on this one. Please don’t rage at me, I know I should of. We all make some mistakes. Generally I’m an extremely careful man, I was scared of needles before the course, so I didnt do bloods. (Faint at the thought).

I have people to ask but as far as I can see I shouldn’t ask them. (Taking occasional shots, not doing PCT at all) Those kind of muppets.

So first question, why higher test afterward?

Second question, is 20 weeks too long and what protocols should I have in place if not?

I’m open to learning and constructive criticism. Cheers lads.

You should get a blood test

Also you should have gotten blood test before the first cycle as well

Oh good, all my issues are solved now that I know what I already knew :sweat_smile:

I’ll repeat, I dont intend on doing this course until I get a blood test. I didn’t get one before the first course because I was scared of needles.

My. Bad.

Can we move forward now?

What a mess, did you do any research before starting your first cycle? Adex for pct? 20 week cycle? Wtf man

Arimidex EOD, nolvadex and occasional Arimidex for PCT. it was 10 weeks.

I’m asking about a 20 week cycle, not doing it yet. Different cycle.

I did try to be as consise as possible but it seems I’m bring lost in translation.

Dont use adex for pct, a 20 week cycle is just unnecessary, keep it to 12-16.
To be honest you should be putting on weight without aas, at 6’5 and 90kg you have to no place using them.

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You really did achieve with steroids what you could have done naturally by eating more. You don’t need a 20 week cycle, you need to have a healthier relationship with food. If what you said was true about your past eating issues then I would say please sort that out and make it into a serious routine for a while before you run another cycle.


You are right, I did achieve what I could have achieved without aas. I could be 110kg and still achieve gains without aas. This is true. And noted. I have kept all of this weight on, I have been getting psychiatry and keeping up my mental health. I eat 5 times a day and fill my nutritional needs with juices I juice daily in between. I’m really trying and it’s not that I’m not still getting stronger, I am. I dont intend on getting on the next course until that tapers off. I’m still being a little impatient, I’ve been off it for maybe 13 weeks. It just felt so damn good to be climbing out of that fucked up hole, I want it again. But I’ll wait. My goal is to be healthy, not to fuck up my endocrine system!

Ok, so when it does come time to run it again I should be looking at 12 - 16 weeks. Should I divide the remaining oil up over 12 - 16 weeks equally? I want my blood level to be as constant as possible, I dont think I agree with front leading? I have 10ml test c @ 600mg/ml and 20ml boldenone E @300mg/ml. 40 Arimidex @ 20mg for estrogen suppressant and 30 nolvadex @ 20mg for post cycle. I had heard some people dont agree with using arimidex during cycle but I can definitely feel estrogen rising after a couple of days. Care to elaborate or throw a solid article my way if it’s not general practice? I thought it was :joy:

Please dont misunderstand me here, I’m scared of needles. I certainly did more research than most of my friends before stabbing myself in the muscle. This is the first time I’ve asked a question, on a forum. Some of my friends dont even PCT. I feel like compared to that I’m doing ok.

I’m just trying to be the best me possible guys, I’m preparing and organizing myself for a time soon when I will resume. One of the main problems with new users is piss poor organization and I dont want to be that guy.

I just looked at my license, I’m 193cm so 6 feet 3

Dont front load, just run same dose from start of cycle. Stay the fuck away from gear dosed that high 600mg/ml is nuts, you’ll be probably be in a whole world of hurt using that. Might want to check your arimidex tabs, they aren’t 20mg. Avoid using it for as long as you can and if you need it use max 0.5mg twice a week, the only sure way to know if you need it is a blood test, do multiple on and off cycle. You will need more nolvadex, dont cut your pct short.

Again you really have no place taking aas until you learn how to eat and train naturally to put on some serious size. Though most will do it regardless of recommendations so here’s the info anyway.

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The guy that gave me the arimidex definitely buggered himself up so I’ll hit him up and check the cap weight. if the dose is .5 and I’m on 20mg I’ll be super pissed!

I promise I’m not going to take it yet!


Shit. I’ve gone from one problem to the other and nothing has really changed, I still have negative body image I’m just oriented the other way now. So much for a healthy lifestyle and getting better.

Ok well, I guess I have rather a lot to think about regarding weather or not AAS will make me feel better.

Thankyou for speaking truth even if I didn’t want to hear it.

I guess I’m back to where I started and I dont know what to do.

Cheers guys.

The answer is more therapy. Seriously. But since you’re here would you mind telling me what trauma is at the root of this? What’s the cause of your body image issues? This place will not judge you for it, FYI. You’ll get made fun of for running a bad cycle or having bad lifts, but this community won’t hurt you when you’re trying to heal.

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Well… Things were going great. I had a house, a dog, lots of friends and a girlfriend. Infact, things were so great my girlfriend had become pregnant. Soon afterward I came home from work and all her stuff was gone. She’d left a note explaining that she had had an abortion the day before and that she didn’t feel I was responsible enough, followed in dot point reason after reason why it was my fault.

I stopped eating. It’s a funny feeling not being able to protect your family. Mum came by from time to time and forced me to eat. It wasn’t that I was doing it on purpose, but moreover that I just wasn’t hungry. This continued for some time and was compounded by heavy LSD abuse, up to 1200mg a day but usually sitting on the 500 mark.

After a time my family took me away for some healing but by then I was 62kg and losing teeth from malnourishment. When I realized how small I was getting the body image problems occurred, I didn’t want to be weak. I wanted to be strong so it never happened again. So I could protect my family. I started gym, I became outwardly obsessed with body image. With becoming successful, like those happy families you see on TV. Or Big Ronnie after a deadlift.

I’m not going to stop doing gym, I sold all my hobbies to facilitate the costs of a child. This is my hobby now. But I need to take a real good look at how an Anorexic eating disorder turned into a muscular dysmorphic disorder. I’m a bit upset at learning how similar these disorders are.

I still cry from time to time but all in all I thought it was over. I’m still in a nightmare! At least with trenbolone you wake up from the nightmare. This is just a giant cycle of not feeling good enough, manly enough, big enough, strong enough. This is chemically induced psychosis.

So, I make a point of not dumping on people. I don’t really talk about it much. Men dont talk about these things. I did talk to my bestfriend about it during our decrepit LSD sessions, but it turns out he and her were you know, a thing. So I’ll apologize for dumping emotionally, but if you want to know why my relationship with food is so bad, that’s it. Self loathing replaced with self hatred, cloaked as self development.

I wouldn’t blame you for making fun of me, some people have. I wish I didn’t feel that way. I wish I’d been able to just shrug it off and invite a girl over to smash the back out of, but I’m just not that guy.

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I’m not well versed on relationships or the dynamics of said relationships, however you’re gf getting an abortion without talking to you, then packing up and leaving with only a note filled with complaints (if this is true without any hidden discrepancies), then she sounds like the one who isn’t very mature/responsible.

They were a thing while you were still dating? You need to find a better best friend.

Look bro, I know things look bad at the moment, however you need to keep you’re chin up. There’s plenty of girls (or guys) out there who (I GUARANTEE) will make a much better match for you than said ex and even best friend, you just need to get yourself out there and go searching.

Sure, work out, get hyooge, even use anabolics in reasonable doses if you really want to, but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, not to please someone else. If you have a body dysmorphia style relationship (which many of us on here probably do) therapy is the best way to go about it. Seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist, do some meditation, start eating properly again

Also I believe you’re talking about 1200ug of LSD, 1mg would have you spending many thousands of dollars a day.

And for what it’s worth, you look much better than the average individual.

She was only 21, and scared. Listening to her idiot mother. She was too young. Thats not her fault, its mine homie. I can’t fix what she did, only my part. It’s a touchy subject with people but please be aware contrary to studies conducted it 100 percent does effect men!

I’ve decided I wont waste my time trying to figure out if there was an affair. It changes little for me and will only serve to hurt me further. Some months afterward he told me and I kicked him out (He was helping me pay rent). As far as I know they absolutely hated each other and I’m happy believing that.

I will admit it has changed my perception of women, the wrong choice could literally mean the death of my spawn and it’s really hard for me to even flirt without that notion running thru my head. (probably the acid).

I feel like probably more of us do but are either unlikely to admit it or are happy in our amazing big bodys. I’d like to think it’s for me, I like waking up and having a goal. I like that I’ve worked hard and even if it’s slow I still keep at it. Maybe deep down I just want to be responsible enough to be given a chance. But I like to think its self actualization. Meditation is great advice and I have been utilizing it actually, Thankyou.

Yes, lol. Defs ug but still really high doses considering 200 does me out for 8-9 solid hours. I’ve seen some things no human should see, and in a bad way too.

Thanks for the kind words, I am getting better. It’s been ages. This is probably the first time in a year I’ve had to stop and wonder “How much is this still affecting me?”.

I think the answer for me, and anyone with empathy is: It will always affect me. The goal is not to forget it, but to manage what I can’t change. (acid taught me a few good things)

And as a post note; The two of them are unhappily still together and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. They deserve each other!

You say you weren’t feeling manly enough, and yet right there you just showed the kind of strength that is necessary to move on from a traumatic situation. That’s the smart thing to do. If you’re not dwelling in the past then you’re moving forward. Good on you.