Elevated Temperature During PCT

I’m 13 days into 100mg clomid/20 mg nolva PCT and i have temp around 37, I don’t have any other cold symptoms such are sore throat, running nose etc.
I think it is obviously cold because of low T levels in PCT but could be also side effect from clomid or nolva?
I don’t have any cold symptoms except elevated temperature.
Could clomid or nolva have this side effect?

37C and 98.6F are normal temperatures.
Your post is confusing.

High dose SERMs is wrong.

37 C is elevated temperature, my normal is 36,6 and I feel even slightest incrase.
Could elevated temperature be side effect from Clomid or Nolva?

We find that there are thyroid problems in many of the cases we see in the TRT forum.
Your body temperatures could have been depressed by a lack of iodine. Have you increased use of iodized salt or vitamins that list iodine?