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Elevated Progesterone

Running test 500, deca 600 and 25 mg Anadrol
On 20 mg nolva, and .5 arimidex twice a week.

Labs show a shitty hdl at 24, my hct is 54! Have phlebotomy on Monday. Headaches are bad, and I’m tired.

My progesterone is high at 4.7 (normal less than 1.4).

2 questions. Is there anything to do about the progesterone? Will it cause any sides? Again I’m on nolva

Second is, what the hell am I doing? I’m 41 and 5 kids, should I stop all this bs and just run trt plus hgh? Loaded question, I guess my personal insight isn’t that great…

Well you’ve got a prescription for all this

How long have you been running this cycle for?

I’d say phlebotomy is a good idea… id drop the super high dosages… when you’ve got children, they should be you’re first priority (I think… I’m not a parent, I’m just imagining how I’d be if I had a child)

I’d probably be pretty weary around them during their teenage years too… I wouldn’t be over protective/prone to doling out punishments, but knowing full well the shit kids get up to, I reckon I’d be riddled within a constant state of anxiety every time my child goes to a friends house etc past the age of say 16

Given you’ve got all this on script you can donate blood if you wish

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Headaches while on anadrol points to high BP, which is not something you really want to have at any age, let alone over 40. And as to your question…if you can afford to run trt plus legit HGH and you choose deca and anadrol instead then you need a psych consult. Because one of those things will make you look and feel better and the other will give you headaches, out-of-whack prolactin, bloating, possible ED, and a frequent need to drain your blood like it’s the 1600’s. Which one sounds better to you?


Unfortunately progesterone isn’t as easy to control as say estrogen or prolactin.

Trying to lower progesterone thru decreasing estrogen can easily crash your estrogen.

One main risk of an elevated progesterone or out of wack estrogen/progesterone ratio is progesterone induced gyno which unlike estrogen induced gyno can’t be fixed with nolva or other traditional gyno blocking methods.

This is common with deca and adrol some call it “mystery” gyno

People will often start adex thinking this will cure it and continue blast ending up with a bad outcome crashed E and tits.

Also worth noting that this type of gyno can appear even after the blast is over reports of progesterone related gyno have been reported months after the discontinuing of aas.

So the the question is how to prevent it from ever happening. Unfortunately there isn’t a cure all answer for this some are just more prone then others hence why some people just can’t use deca or adrop etc.

Same way some just can’t use dbol do to estrogen related gyno altho this is something that can he controlled generally with an ai or serm.

Anyways I know iv been MIA from the forum for a while(I keep in touch with most of the vets thru text or Facebook it any vets don’t have my number and would like it just ask) I find a lot of the new people to be ignorant beyony repair and with a almost 7 month old son and a recent change on employment I find my time to be worth more value then to type to a brick wall.

So this is my monthly contribution


See, I have not good insight, lol! Needed to hear that

Thank you sir, very informative

Hope I’m not ignorant beyond repair!

No from your responses I felt you to be someone who would actually take in the info and listen.

Hence my response

Thanks again, as you I have a newborn as well, almost 4 months old, also have 2 4 year olds and 2 6 year olds… (2 sets of twins). I’m 41 and have a great life (job, wife etc) but I find I wanna look like Shawn Ray back in the flex magazine workout days, hence the deca and anadrol (plus they were prescribed to me so it was very hard to pass up, like feee candy to a child).
Anyway i know what I’m doing is beyond stupid. But I still want lean gains. I’m thinking my best route would be to go trt at doses that put my TT around 1000 and add maybe 2 iu hgh. I was on that and didn’t see a lot of gains. Thoughts or advice? Maybe do that and stick long term and work ok diet and exercise… would it ever be wise to add like 150 deca in to increase lean gains etc? Not sure why I struggle with this… thanks again and we all appreciate input from the wise vets!

I commend you on taking care of that many kids. I can’t even imagine having another lol.

As far as giving you cycle advice I can’t really do that without taking hours discussing many different things with you, reviewing full labs and completely understanding your diet and training.

What I can offer is suggesting you stay away from deca and adrol with your progesterone issues. Also let it be noted that deca isn’t known for “lean gains” when prescribed it’s usually low dose for joint issues and when using in a blast high dose it’s often considered a wet bulk or dirty bulk people have all different names for bulks but deca imo would never be considered a lean bulk or dry bulk or clean bulk.(Again just different names for the same shit)

If you have a doc willing to prescribe drugs and you have access to money look into var and maybe hgh at a couple iu higher altho I repeat this is not me telling you to use these drugs it’s me giving you some possibilities to reach your goals granted your health, diet, training and current physique warrant the use of aas

Where did you do the Progesterone lab? Is the range 0.7-1.4? Labcorp and Quest recently changed their Progesterone assays and it is worthless for males now. I would love to know what lab still does the original 0.7-1.4 pg/ml (I believe is what the units was)

It is odd that your Progesterone is elevated. Normally it would decrease, especially while on Deca. People will jump all over me for saying that. Let me clarify. Your Progesterone would actually decrease because of the suppressive effects on the adrenal glands and testes. I have seen bodybuilder’s labs, this is well-known. However, you will still be activating the Progesterone receptors while on things such as Deca and Anadrol. I believe your Progesterone may not actually be elevated. Based on what you are taking, I’d say the Anadrol is giving a false high Progesterone reading. Similar to how Trenbolone gives a false elevated estradiol reading.

Either way, if you get Progesterone side effects it will be because of the actual receptors being activated. Not because of that (elevated false) Progesterone level. Nolva will do nothing against Progesterone side effects as Nolva only acts on the Estrogen receptors. But, it will protect you if your Estradiol is high. I recommend you stop the Anadrol as it’s not a very good drug, given the side effects like liver toxicity as well. Poor lean mass gains from it too.

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Thanks man!
I have 3 weeks left of deca, should I just toss it or finish my 10 week blast? I do have gyno issues, had surgery 2 years ago but it all wasn’t removed.

Love oxandrolone but my hdl goes from 46 to 17 at 50 mg x 6 weeks.

I can get stanozolol, maybe just blast that 4 weeks twice a year? Shorter cycle than oxandrolone but maybe more mass hence shorter cycle?

Did it at quest.
Reference range less than 1.4 ng/ml

Great post, drol has been stopped

First off, I just do normal TRT at much lower doses than you do, so I’m not speaking from experience, just what I’ve read about nandralone (DECA) on various internet sites and in the medical literature. I’m interested in adding in a small amount of nandralone for 12 weeks to help with some chronic joint injuries. Somewhere around 120mg per week, but haven’t decided yet.

Nandralone is known to have progestin-like activity. That is, it binds to progesterone receptors and stimulates them similarly to progesterone, but it’s not actually progesterone. I’m guessing that it probably also cross-reacts in the progesterone ELISA assay, which is why you are reading high in progesterone.

Are there potential side-effects? Yes. One of the previous posters mentioned that the combination of high progesterone + high E2 puts you at risk of gynecomastia. This is why there is rapid breast development in women during the third trimester of pregnancy when the placenta is secreting high amounts of both hormones.

Can you prevent the gynecomastia from happening when using nandralone + T? Yes, the traditional bodybuilder approach is to lower E2 with an AI and/or block it with a SERM. Another approach I am currently investigating it to block the progesterone receptors with certain anabolic hormones that bind to the progesterone receptor but do not have progesterone activity. I still have a lot of research to do, but Winstrol (stanozolole) is one that is mentioned. Have no idea of the dosing needed. In my case, I’m not overly worries because I use standard TRT dosing of T and my E2 has not been a problem (usually runs a little low to normal) and I’m planning on using much lower doses of nandralone than you are using.

As for the personal questions of what the hell are you doing? Sorry, no advice to give. One has to evaluate their own priorities. It’s just not the road I choose to follow.

Hope it all works out.

My actual trt dose is 26 mg Q3 days and puts my TT at 800.
I’m just on a blast right now which I know is stupid and most likely (hopefully) be my last.

Maybe in future something like 4-6 weeks of oxandrolone or stanozolol or maybe safer to blast with 6-8 weeks of test prop.

Trash it

Refer to my earlier statement about not being able to give you cycle advice

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Thanks again, not really asking for cycle advice but (hope I’m not annoying) but a general question. Let me ask, what’s min risk?
4-6 weeks stanozolol
6-8 weeks test prop
Or quick messing around and do trt to get TT to 800-1000 and do 2 iu hgh or maybe 3

Again, thanks, no idea why I struggle with this, I want health number one concern but at same time I want decent lean gains. Guess I can’t have both or maybe I can with the latter option? Btw I was up all night last night so I’m not thinking straight.

If health comes first winstrol is out of the pic

I’d say your thinking better with trt and hgh