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Elevated Liver Numbers on HRT


I have noticed a trend over the past year or so of having elevate liver enzymes while on an eod dosing schedule of test cyp at 38 mg per shot. My total T is around 1300, but because my shbg is so high, my bio-available T is only in the upper mid range (240) on lab corps scale.

I have been doing a lot of reading, but haven't seen too much about test cypionate being hepotoxic (at least at TRT levels).

Is it likely my liver enzymes are elevated due to TRT, or should I be looking for another cause?

Is there another form of testosterone that is easier on the liver?


what are your E2 levels? high E2 is thought to be linked to high SHBG.

if you push your body over it's genetic preset ideal levels, it will respond and try to get back to equilibrium.

what other medications are you on?


E2 was around 59 last time I checked. I have since added arimidex at 1/4 a tablet eod. Also on Hcg 200 mcg a day, t3 25 mcg, t4 100mcg, dhea 50, keto 7 100, pregnenolone 300.


I read somewhere that A-Dex can cause fatty liver, but I think those studies were regarding women on higher doses


Can you post your specific liver numbers?


There are a lot of liver enzyme markers--which ones specifically were elevated?


AST and ALT. Both around 105.


Are you overweight?


No...I can see my abs pretty well.


I'd be interested to see what you find out about this.


Booze from the holidays?


I wish. I am not a drinker. I was drinking a pitcher full of walmart no calorie fruit punch everyday. It is full of nothing but artificial sweeteners and colors. I was using it to flavor my workout drink. I have stopped using it, and hopefully this will take a load off my liver and make a difference.

I will retest my blood in about a month. I have decided to also test at the end of a week when I will not be working out. I have heard that heavy weight lifting can also cause elevated liver enzymes. Hopefully these two changes will improve the situation.


Weightlifting can defintiely impact AST, not so much ALT. But yours is highest I have seen from those purposes unless you did a workout just before going to give blood, I would definitely look further. Other markers that can be impacted are BUN & Creatinine. Red Blood Cells/Hemoglobin too to an extent, but not nearly as much.


certain medication
low thyroid
Magnesium deficiency
Exercise 24-48 prior before the blood test
Caffiene from coffee

These factors can elevate liver enyzmes


was just curious what you found out on your next labs or where its at today. Thanks