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Elevated Liver Enzymes?

Just had a blood test done and my GP said I have elevated liver enzymes. I’m 19 and relatively healthy I would like to think. I am 5’11, about 210 lbs and just to give you an idea on my muscle size, I am currently benching sets of 225 as the brunt of my workout on chest/tris day (never maxed out before). I used to be a long distance runner back in the day (under 5 minute mile) but I got sick of it so I quit cross country and track and started lifting weights ever since. Been lifting for about 2 years now. I have never done steroids and don’t plan on doing any kind of cycle until I get my pharm D. when I am about 26.

My daily supplement regime:
20g of Kirkland fish oil spread throughout the day.
500mg trans-resveratrol
Mega Men Sport multivitamin(running low, anyone have any suggestions for a better/cheaper multi?)
5g Piracetam
2.5g choline citrate
Currently cycling Alpha Male and TRIBEX
100g of Cytosport 100% whey protein
I also take a 200mg caffeine pill a couple times a week on slow mornings.

Now my question is: Can resveratrol somehow be affecting my liver enzymes? I just finished reading this article: www.livestrong.com/article/234321-pros-and-cons-of-resveratrol/

If resveratrol isn’t the reason my liver enzymes are out of whack then I have no idea what could be causing it. My GP wants me to come back and get more blood tests/sonograms.

I don’t have anything to back this up but I’ve read training has an affect on your liver enzymes. Its hard to get GP’s to buy into this but next time try taking 2 full days off from the gym before you get bloodwork done.

So if working out increases liver enzymes, does that mean it’s counter productive to be working out life-long?

[quote]CrazEpharmacist wrote:
So if working out increases liver enzymes, does that mean it’s counter productive to be working out life-long?[/quote]

“counter productive” to what?
I lift to be bigger and stronger, temporarily elevated enzymes are not counter productive to that.

Sitting on the coach is counter productive to a long life

Life is to short to be fat and weak.