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Elevated IGF-1 Levels

Looking for feedback and input - started TRT with Test Cyp shots monthly in August 2018 . No pre-TRT IGF-1 measurement at that point. Switched Dr.'s and protocols in February 2019.

Last Test Cyp shot was 12/19/18 (400 mg - every three weeks was protocol at that point). First IGF-1 measurement was 1/25/19 at 218 prior to switching.

Started new T cream protocol on 2/26/19 subsequent IGF-1 labs:
4/20/19 - 274
4/30/19 - 336

T levels and Estradiol - Sensitive were high with same lab work and protocol has been adjusted.

Total T - >1500
Free T - 41.5
Estradiol - Sensitive - 64.2
Prolactin 20.9 ng/mL
Hemoglobin A1C 5.3 %
LH <1.0 mIU/mL LOW
FSH 0.1 mIU/mL
TSH 1.760 mcU/mL
Free T4 1.21 ng/dL
DHEA 299.7
Vitamin D - 25 Hydroxy 29.7 LOW
SHBG 21.9

Concerned about the IGF-1 Levels - Had clear Pituitary MRI earlier this month.

What’s the range on igf?

I had slightly elevated prolactin and igf. Dr said no worries and testosterone can do that.

I do monitor it when I take labs to see if it goes higher. Actually taking labs this morning.

You know what’s weird I’ve had a couple of comments over the past year that I look taller. It could just be a look thing… But I wonder. Am 42

I am 47, Reference Range: 67-205 ng/mL. I got similar answer from my Dr. and just monitor but have done some reading on risks of elevated IGF-1.

Well I just noticed you like running a very high total t and free t.

I bet you if you lower dose the number will come down.

Mine was just slightly over within 10-15 points it was 228. Also read about what can raise igf like eating too much protein

It is my understanding that if you had cancer the igf elevation may cause it to spread faster. But if you have no disease…but yours is more than slightly elevated.

you should worry about your D vitamin lvls . try keep around 70
the consequences of low D lvls are huge
10k UI / day solve the problem

imo your Igf-1 are ok. im natural and my lvls are over 270


I do take 8k iu’s Vitamin D daily now. Up from 4K.