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Elevated Heart Rate on 400mg Test

Started 420mg test with 20mg dbol kickstart 4 weeks and 2 days ago. Dbol finished on Monday and I’m still up about 17lbs in weight since day 1 with no noticeable fat gain, still have some abs in the morning as with pre cycle. Don’t feel or look much bigger but have gained an inch on chest and slightly less on arms, waist still 32"

HR is sitting at least 82 when I’m laying about watching tv, often hovers around 90 and bounces over 100 as soon as I start moving. Pre cycle it would average about 65 bpm when relaxing.

Tried adex at 0.25 eod and seems to have no effect (thought it might be water water causing it) And doing cardio also has zero effect is this normal or should I be concerned

Anyone? Most of my threads here seem to get ignored. Done another 40 min cardio today after my workout and an hour or so later my heart is at 96bpm been sitting down for 30 mins. Lost another 2lbs overnight. Heart rate most of the night while asleep was between 62 and 72 (I wear a Fitbit) which is accurate. Just seems whenever I’m awake it’s much higher and doesn’t recover quickly at all after a workout.

Well holy fucking shit. I thought I remembered that username!

Remember that RDS guy that was coaching you on here years ago? God he was a fantastic man. Wonder whatever happened to him…

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Hey, what’s up. Never gave up training all this time. Found out my test levels and thyroid were both below par so I’ve been sticking a needle in my arse for a month. I got a semi respectable physique and know my shit when it comes to diet and training, but unfortunately after 7 years my genetics fucking sucked so bad I could never get near where I wanted to be.

Ahh the trend continues. Haven’t had a reply on this forum for months.

Just dropped in to say, RDS you were never natural, were you? I always suspected as much but you didn’t want to lead me to the dark side!! All the best to you and whatever you are up to these days.

What other supplements are you taking. Do you have anxiety?


Fish oil
Baby aspirin
HCG 300iu twice a week
Nature-thyroid 0.5 grain

I’m now up 18lbs after 5 weeks. Blood pressure now creeping up around 130/70 was 118/70 pre cycle. I have suffered from mild anxiety in the past but nothing notable. Also don’t feel anxious while my heart is racing, it just never seems to slow down.

Sorry, mate, I’m rarely ever in this part of the forum. It just frustrates me.

I wasn’t natural back when we talked, then I was for ages, and now I’m planning on not being again because training natty is for chumps.

Holding a bunch of water (like you clearly are since you’ve gained almost 20lbs in 4 weeks) will drive your blood pressure up for sure.

I would keep using the adex. I know you’re in the UK so blood work is next to impossible.

Now dosing adex at 0.25 ED and heart rate is much the same. Sometimes closer to 78 resting rather than mid 80’s but cardio and AI are not really bringing it down. Blood pressure is good highest reading sometimes around 130/70 usually lower.

Hey there, this is interesting. I have been dealing with major water retention in my legs, and i am running 250mg test E twice a week and 150mg deca 1x a week ( still had the water before starting deca so I dont think thats it). Anastrozole usually helps, but I am thinking based on what a few very trusted and more experienced guys have said to me is to watch out for extended AI use. So coming full circle for my situation and ours, its got to either be the frequency or the concentration of dose. I think its strange for your situation and mine. I do notice increased bp from the water retention …so i guess there are two of us who are using reasonably low doses and having some side effects, maybe we can get help if we join forces lol

Have you considered a low dose of a diuretic?

The Anastrozole is working, edema is pretty much gone taking 2 mg a day the last couple days now going to try to go down to one mg. I had considered using a diuretic but then I thought it would cost am I paying systemically. Long term this is frustrating because I feel like myself as well as the original poster are using a reasonable, responsible low dose but I feel like I am having side effects as if I was more in line with much higher level dosages. I know stanefferdingcom talked about before potential dangers of long term use of aromatase inhibitors and I believe I remember him saying he felt like they were way too strong and powerful and there are probably more useful ways of changing your dosages to not need such strong inhibitors.

Don’t tank your e2. You will negatively affect your cycle.

Mine is not e2 related. Been on adex for a week now and not really holding water. Start of week 7 today I’m 20lbs up now and getting leaner so I’ve had to start eating more as I feel like I’m leaning out more than building size, much to my disbelief at 3800 calories minimum and 300+ protein.
As I write relaxed in bed my pulse is 83. Blood pressure this morning 120/75. Also lost the raging sex drive and hard ons all night that I had for the first few weeks unfortunately, as that was fun.

Over in TRT land we see some guys who get big increase in RBC, hematocrit and hemoglobin with small amounts of T. So your blood might be getting thick and not flowing easily through fine capillaries. You should be checking resting BP and also when you are more active.

Blood donations are one measure that can be done. Also fish oil is a blood thinner and mini aspirin actually makes red blood cells flow better. Headaches? Can you hear or feel blood pulsing in your head? In this situation you also need to avoid dehydration. In more severe cases there can be permanent damage to vascular organs such as liver and kidneys - need to also point out that the brain is in that category.

If blood is too thick, blood donation will screen you out. If you do donate and feel a lot better that is a measure of what the problem was.

So may not apply to you, but good to be aware.

I don’t have high blood pressure but I’m going to give blood today so we’ll see what that does. Heart rate has dropped into the 77 range quite frequently recently so a slight impovement. Seems to vary greatly with time of day. Late morning it is lowest and evening it can be quite high.
Having e2 trouble also. Can’t get a test for it here in U.K. no morning wood or nocturnal erections on cycle any more, when I first started I
had raging hard ons at night and morning and whenever I was near my girlfriend. Tried 0.25 adex per day nothing. Tried 0.5 per day and got some weaker night time wood (improvement) but then next day I woke up in a massive brain fog and with painful knees and aching muscles.