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Elevated Estrogen Levels, 58 Years Old

First, thanks in advance for any information provided. I’m 58 years old, 5’9", 155 pounds, 10% bodyfat. I am a sponsored rock climber who also has a desk job. I lift weights a couple times a week, and either train for climbing or climb outdoors 3 days a week.

In the past year, although I have achieved some lofty climbing goals, I’ve also felt a little lethargic. I’ve found I’m working much hard to maintain my climbing level, but have also felt a little down, which is out of character.

I recently had an annual physical, and had a generally excellent checkup. Good blood pressure, no prostate issues, etc. I asked for a testosterone test on a suspicion that that number might have come down from the TT of 557 – 18 FT – I had two years ago.

Total test came in at 537, with Free test at 17.

The surprise, and what I’m looking for info on here, was my estrogen #s:
Estrone: 82 (9-36 pg/mL)
Estradiol: 55 (10-42 pg/mL)
Estrogens, total: 137 (19-69 pg/mL?

I eat a clean diet, sleep regularly, and have a solid libido, though tempered over the past several years. My doctor is open to working with me, but I told him I wanted to ask around a little. I really respect the community here, particularly Ksman and happydog, in regards to the science behind these numbers. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

First I would look at liver centric labs to see if AST/ALT indicates some issues. Drugs [Rx or OTC] and some other things might be loading up your liver enzyme pathways that also need to clear estrogens. More remote, adverse gut flora can recycle metabolized estrogens that dump in with liver bile.

List all meds, Rx and OTC as well as supplements and any things to boost your T levels.

Have you read the advice for new guys sticky? Also note the first paragraph there.

Your testes seem any different?

With those estrogen levels, I would expect big mood and libido issues.

Who did the lab work? Worked with them before? Did you have E2 tested two years ago? When E goes up,; LH, FSH and T go down. Its almost like the sample used for the estrogen labs belonged to someone else.

What other labs can you post? - with lab ranges -

Are you feeling cold more often and easier?
Stopped using iodized salt.

There can be more than one thing going on and more than T and estrogens. These may be symptoms. I would also like to see if there is anything unusual about LH/FSH. Also have your testes examined for lumps or bumps, you can manage that yourself. Your estrogen levels involve a production rate and a sink rate [liver].

At your age, loss of T is expected. Your numbers are very unexpected.

KSman, thanks much for the response. We’re looking into the possibility of some confusion with lab. I’ll follow up after we figure out whether there was a reporting error, sample error, etc.