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Elevated E2 and Prolactin Levels. D*** Getting Kinda Limp

Hello everyone.

I ran a cycle a while back, 10 weeks test e, with kick start 4 weeks dbol. I was taking Aromasin 12.5 EOD, and for pct 4 weeks nolva + colmin (40/20/20/20, 150/100/50/50).
I didn’t got any gyno or any side-effect. But just recently I decided to get my blood work done to see if everything was fine . And the results came in quite alarming.

Test: 549.35 ng/dL (normal range, 260-1000 ng/dL)
E2 (Estradiol): 38.96 pg/mL (normal range, 0-39 pg/mL)
Vitamin D Total: 12.67 ng/mL (normal, 30-100 ng/mL)
LH: 9.18 mIU/ml (normal range, 1.5-9.3 mIU/ml)
FSH: 2.96 mIU/ml (normal range, 1.4-18 mIU/ml)
Prolactin: 33.13 ng/ml (normal range, 2.1-17.7 ng/ml)

So, the E2 and prolactin level are not quite right. But one thing is I don’t have any puffy nips or something, that might indicate any gyno, no itchiness or anything, but still. I have done some research, and have laid out a plan, but before starting anything, wanted to get some other opinions.

First thing I found is that if you control E2, prolactin will itself be controlled a bit. Basically, primary target should be controlling E2 and then the prolcatin. So I am right on that research or did I miss something? Now, Test to E2 ratio should be from 25-40. But mine is about 14 (549.96/38.96) So if bring down E2, it would also help me get my test levels up. And this is the major thing that is concerning me, this ratio. I am not getting any morning wood, and even worse, I don’t get proper hardon, I mean like I used to get. It still get stiff though, but not that stiff and not for long, and I believe it’s because of this skewed ratio.

I have armoasin, arimidex, letro available, but I can’t obtain caber (or parmi) (for caber I read is the go to thing for prolectin). But here’s what I have laid out, please critique this.

Week 1:
Letro 1mg ED (for 1 week) (for E2)
L-Dopa: 500mg ED (for prolactin as I don’t have caber or parmi)
Vitex: (how much?) ED
Vitamin B6: 600mg ED

Week 2:
Armidex 1mg ED OR Aromasin 25mg EOD (which one would be better?)
L-Dopa: 500mg ED (for prolactin as I don’t have caber or parmi)
Vitex: (how much?) ED
Vitamin B6: 600mg ED

After that I’ll get my blood work done again, and see how it is going.

Should I add something else too, or am I missing something in here? Will this help me get back again or should I do something more?