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Elevated DHT Level Normal?


I prefer IM in the shoulders using 27 gauge .5 inch, I see better than 550 at 20mg EOD so your mileage may very. Right now I’m at 677 injecting twice weekly and don’t feel as good as lower levels injecting more frequently.


Do u know what 550ng free test is converted to canadian measurements in pmol/l? My labs top upper limit is 636 pmol/l. Im confused as to what numbers u r getting from your 20mg eod protocol and how it would convert to candian measurements.


Just for clarification. When i said people tell me i need at least 150 to 200 i didnt mean ng/dl i meant mg per week. So when i say im on 100mg a week i got responses like oh thats nothing u r wasting your time, most guys are on standard trt dose of 200mg a week, etc


Standard starting dosage is 50mg twice weekly, split up depending on SHBG levels. Dosages means nothing, 25mg EOD will get me near 1000 ng/dL. Your biochemically unique, you can’t compare by what someone else’s needs.

There are guys who are hyper metabolizes testosterone, those guys will need 150-200mg weekly and some needing 300mg weekly to get where other men only need 100mg. Whoever is saying that’s 100mg is nothing is either abusing testosterone or are just ignorant.


Please tell me usas free and total test ranges so i can compare it to canadian cuz im pretty lost. You said u feel great on 550 ng/dl for free test but converted into canadian values i have no idea what level thats at…


550 would be 7079 pmol/L, you still need labs to determine dosages and frequency of injections. 5500 is 427 ng/dL which is lower than president Trump who is 72 years old.


Umm somethings not right here
The ref rage for free test in canada is 196 to 636 pmol/l. I came in quite elevated at 1220 pmol/l and youre telling me pres trump is at 5500 pmol/l???


If you convert your testosterone pmol/L to ng/dL 5500 pmol/L is 427 ng/dL. These labs ranges have nothing to do with normal testosterone ranges for healthy men, you’re not going to find many healthy men in those ranges.


You are referring to free test levels right ? 100mg a week is getting me to 1200pmol/l for free test…if pres trump is 5500pmol/l that means for me to come close to his level id need to inject lile 350mg a week! To get 550ng id have to inject even more…
The labs here have their ranges set im sure for a reason with a science and reasoning behind it…


I can’t even begin to understand your ranges, free T is only 3 percent of your Total T so it doesn’t make sense to use the same standard of measurement.

Use this --> http://unitslab.com/node/121


My bad that was a typo on my part sorry for that. I edited my post.
You can google pmol/l to ng/dL converter there are many calculators available.


Using pmol/l…what would you feel for you is the sweet spot for free test?


This is what a US blood test for T and free T with ranges looks like. Note the range scale is different for T in ng/dL and Free T in pg/mL.


Thanks for that. What i need is a canadian to chime in and tell me what a good target for free and total test is so i can compare my levels to that. Im sure there are some canadians in this section who are familiar with life labs or gamma dynacare…


There are a few canadians who have created threads here within the last week who have found knowledgeable doctors in Canada. You might search down the list until…


I did my shbg test forgot to do prolactin. Waiting for results. Anyways regarding dht… doc said if i lower dht it will defeat the purpose of trt…i told him having it too elevated like in my case isnt also good but reducing it would help the sides. So what i want to know is this…if i do take avodart to reduce dht will it increase my test or free test levels because now less test is being converted to dht? Is the doc right that the positive effects of test will be reduced if i lower my dht? Will i have a harder time building muscle and getting erections etc?


When my DHT is really elevated my fingernails get really shiny as if I’m wearing nail polish, DHT directly affects the skin.


For me it makes my skin super shiny and oily. I did a test. I purchased nizoral shampoo which is a dht blocker has ketaconozole in it. I wash and dry face. Then apply nizoral on the most shiny oily areas and masage it in and make full coverage. I leave it on for 20 mins then wash off. As soon as i wash and pat dry skin is so dry and clean and oil and shine free. It remains this way for about a day. I believe the dht blocking effects are working and last a day until the dht overpowers the ketaconozole or the ketaconozoles half life expires by then and im back to square one. I believe avodart will help me greatly in this regard but i need to know if blocking dht …making it go into normal lab ranges while on trt will minimize the effects of trt or will it make free and total test even higher and make trt work better as less test is being converted into dht?? Anyone know??


My shbg result came back. Ref range in canada is 12 to 60 nmol/l. Mine came back at 19. So its on the low side. So i guess this is why 100mg of test split 50mg 2x a week is making my free test skyrocket. I guess i should reduce dose to 80mg a week and do 20mg eod? Confusing part is this will yield 80mg one week and 60mg the next.


As far as adding up the weekly total for dosage, stop thinking about it so much. Your injecting every 48 hours and last time I checked that’s consistent and you will reach a stable state in 6 weeks regardless.