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Elevated Deadlift-8/4/2009


Squat & Deadlift Day

AJ does squat & deadlifts on the same day. This is the deadlift work following squat:
Squat: 370x4x1 - 390x4x1 - 410x4x1

Deadlift: 320x4x1(no video)-370x4x1-410x3x1-460x2x1-510x2x1-550x2x1

Followed by Leg Extension / Flat Hamstring Curl / Cable Pullthrough / Seated calve w/45* Hyper.

Nine weeks out....looking good!!


Looking damn good!


Good strength. How much do you weigh, BTW?


"Elevated Deadlift AJC 20yr 215lbs"


Ah, I didn't see that at the beginning.