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Elevated Creatinine Blood Level

Hi guys,
I’d be most grateful for the advice.
I’ve had my annual medical check-up, and the only thing that is not okay is the elevated creatinine level in the blood. So the upper limit of normal values is about 110, and I’ve got 138. I’m 6ft 2in heigh, my weight is 210 pounds, which gives a BMI of 27.0. The doctor says I’m not actually overweight because my body fat percentage is 15%. However, she’s worried about my creatinine levels, advises me to eat less meat and dairy, fewer eggs, and to stop with the creatine supplementation, then to re-check the creatinine level and then, if still elevated, she would send me to see a nephrologist. Should I give a shit about all that, or go on with my high-protein diet and creatine supplementation as before?

I doubt you have anything to worry about.

  1. It’s only 1 test and everything else is normal
  2. Creatinine levels are easily affected by even moderate/light training done within 12-24hours before the test. Your levels aren’t too far outside normal so that’s a very plausible explanation
  3. Creating supplements and lots of protein will raise levels if consumed too soon before the test. But unless you’re kidneys are actually compromised (indicated by low eGFR or abnormal ultrasound), basically every study vouches for the safety of such dietary choices

Tell your doc that you train
Take 2 rest days before your next test
Don’t take creative 1 week before your test
Eat low protein the day before the test

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That test is also pretty sensitive to your hydration level


Thanks for the feedback . You calmed me down with your replies and with the information provided.

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I’m a doctor, i graduated this year

  1. What’s your age?
  2. Calculate your estimated GFR with EPI-CKD or Cockcroft-Gault formula (just Google it)
  3. Have a look at the following table to have an idea of were you are, based on GFR
  4. Keep in mind that it is only one test, and you’d better do your blood test again in a couple of months

And yes: creatine may be slightly elevated in the cases described by the other two guys, but tend to physiologically, slightly raise with age, and along with an increase in overall muscle mass


@mattferrari Hi there! I’m 34 yo, 6ft 2in, 210 lbs BFP 15% BMI 27.0 178 lbs of fat-free mass according to my Body Composition Analysis.

Is there possible sides with creatine ?

Maybe, there is. I’m taking 3g of creatine every morning.

If your kidneys are fine, a large body of evidence suggests no.
Examine.com did a very thorough (basically a review paper without confusing academic language) breakdown

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Thanks, @anna_5588

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what’s pissing me off when using creatine is that i become really deshydrate and it make me feel like shit. Being deshydrate can bring alot of sides…

yes im drinking 2-3L of water per day but its not enought.

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