Elevated Creatine Levels Bad?

My Doctor visit and Elevated CPK LEVELS, and continued lifting?


I’ve been using the forum (reading( for the past year, and I have found them extremely helpful.

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First off, I think my doctor doesn’t believe in bulking up and thinks I’m basically stupid for doing it. Kept asking me, “Why do you want to bulk up?” the only reason that I could realistically and honestly is it made me feel good and vanity.

Continued to say that its more healthy to work on the cardio side. I kinda shrugged his attitude on weight lifting off. I’ll probably end up getting more of a sports medicine doctor to consult with. Basically he was against (lifting and bulking up) it even before I found out the below in formation

Today I had a physical at 8AM, and the doctor told me to check back Wednesday for the results. What was concerning is that he found it necessary to call tonight at 7PM and told me (VM) immediatly no more weightlifting. Evidently the tests came back and evidently I have elevated CPK levels and high liver enzyme count (didnt say what but it could be related to high CPK). No number, just high CPK levels.

I’m not on anything abnormal or any thing that I have read thats really bad for you. Compared to some I barely take anything. I take Cytogainer, Multiv, fish oil, and before I Workout …no shotgun.

Questions to you:

Can any of the above activities cause this?
Has anyone had elevated levels?
Has anyone had the elevated levels and had the doctor blame it on lifting?
He told me that I’m absolutly not supposed to lift weights this weekend which really pisses me off. I guess I’ll go with that for now.

Or is this simply a by product of my muscles indicating damage from lifting? (possibly why I dont seem to be growing anymore?), and thats it?

The doctor is an internist, should I go see a more “sports” oriented doctor? that knows how to treat people who lift weights and more likely has seen this type of thing? not to mention supports lifting.

Is this creatine the same creatine thats in Cytogainer?
What does high CPK levels do to me if its just proven to be from lifting or from CPK

I wish I could have taken the call, and I guess it was serious enough to call tonight to prevent me from lifting but I’m still googling the whole thing tonight instead of going to the gym :frowning:

I’m getting a second opinion from a sports medicine doctor, who knows more about this type stuff.

I am trying to put on weight and I was planning on cutting by the end of the year but, now I don’t want to be a total sloth.

this is really pissing me off,