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Elevated Calcium Levels

Hey guys,
I just got my blood test results back from the doctor today and she wrote that the levels of calcium and protein were “slightly elevated.” Can anyone explain to me what might be causing this? This is the first time something like this has come up in one of my blood tests and I am just curious.


5’10, 165 lbs., 21 years old with no health conditions to speak of. All other blood work came back normal. Recently I increased my calories a bit but nothing out of the ordinary diet wise. I have do have heartburn occasionaly and pop rolaids for it. Could this be the cause. Do elevated levels of calcium in the blood do anything detrimental?

[quote]jakewnet44 wrote:
I have do have heartburn occasionaly and pop rolaids for it.

How many how often ?

You might want to get the heartburn thing checked out. Although its not often, (after eating spicy foods?) type thing??

I’ve had really bad heartburn for the past two years and I’m on nexium, although my gastroenterologist said its unusual for young(er) people to have it.

Its not an everyday thing. When i drink it tends to act up on me so i thats when i usually take them. Other than that i may take one or two a few times during the week.

I would ask your doctor, but I dont see elevated calcium being an issue, nor protein, you can ask your doctor, she would be the best person to ask about the calcium aspect, maybe it is due to increased protein intake coming from whey protein. I would just always be sure to be getting enough water in your diet.

Elevated calcium could be a sign of cancer. I would have your doctor run some more tests, specifically for cancer of the stomach or intestines.

Don’t want to worry you too much, but have it checked out. The earlier you treat cancer, the better the results.