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Elevated BP Over Past Few Months; TRT Issue?

Hi all…hope everyone has been well lately.

Over the past few months I have noticed by BP has been elevated when I take it at home. I’ve always been in the 115-122/65-75 range. Lately I’ve been averaging 135/80. I take it at the same time each day.

I’ve been on TRT since April/2019. My protocol is 120mg test cyp in 2 weekly doses (60mg each). Only use Adex if I feel E2 is elevated which is rare. Just had labs and everything looks pretty decent.

TT=749 (RR 250-1100 ng/dL)
FT = 145 (RR 35-155 pg/mL)
E2 = 29 RR (0.0-40.0 pg/mL) non-sensitive - only one offered
SHBG = 18 (RR 19.3-76.4 nmol/L)
HCT = 46.2% (RR 42.0-50.0)

One thing I have noticed over time is my SHBGs have gone down a great deal. A year ago it was 44 and now it’s 18. But I think I read that usually happens with exogenous test.

Anyway, wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Diet’s been the same, cardio, lifting, etc. all the same.

Thanks for any help.