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Elevated AST / ALT While On Albuterol

I started my 500mg test e cycle off with 700mg oral primo for 6 weeks. It’s been roughly 7 weeks since then, but 12 days into a 24mg albuterol cycle for fat loss.

I got my blood checked and everything is low/within range except for AST / ALT which came back at nearly double my lab’s normal range of ≤35 at 66 and 73 respectively.

I’ve read that oral primo isn’t hepatoxic as other orals, and have confirmed this with previous lab work. Though, I’ve also read the same about albuterol and this isn’t an extremely high dose as it’s prescribed to asthmatics at 24mg.

Blood was taken approximately 10 hours after last 8mg dose and before next 8mg.

Is albuterol this damaging or is something else going on?

Also running 200mg primo e in conjunction to 500mg test e, but dropped the orals. However, this is my go-to stack and have never had this problem.

Something more, lab error, nothing to worry about?

Just an update on this so others don’t make the same mistake as I and look for other cheaper alternatives to add to their cycle support.

Ukon in Japan, better known as turmeric to the western world, is extremely cheap and sold OTC pretty much everywhere – including bars – due to its liver detox properties and ability to pretty much allow you to wake up without a hangover.

However, when used in higher doses for prolonged periods, it can have the opposite effect and actually be liver damaging.

Good for waking up without a hangover, bad when used as cycle support.

I’ve sense taken it out of my cycle support and AST / ALT returned to 28 / 30.

On to my next oral blast!