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Elevate T levels

I read somewhere on the site that you can elevate t levels naturally. this was actually recommended by one of the writer before trying gear. i have used the search engine and had no luck finding the article. i think bill roberts wrote the article. could someone point me in the right direction. thanks

Farm Boy:

I’m pretty sure that this bit of instruction came from Tim in a BTS (Behind The Scenes) article somewhere between August-December, 2000. (How’s that for precision?) :slight_smile: I believe he first advocated that you jack up (oops! no pun intended!) your natural T levels by using Tribex 500. Afterwards, employing the judicious help of your friend and mine, ANDROsol. Also, don’t remember if he included the use of the Methoxy-7, or not, along with the Tribex, but me little brain is telling me otherwise. Search through the previous issues section to see if its there. Good luck!

Gahon i appreciate your reply. i want to try this before i go to the gear. thanks again

Good fats, magnesium, zinc… there are a few others that are in an article on this site

From the home page (not the forum page), search “Andro Wars.” It’s one of T-mags core articles on raising T by natural, legal means. The article discusses ZMA, Tribex, and 4-AD. (Methoxy-7 is anabolic, but it doesn’t raise T levels.)