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Elesde's First Bulk


Alright, so I've been training consistantly for a year, made some good gains (about 15 lean pounds) and turned some heads. I'm still a skinny bastard though and it bothers me. So I just got off a tweaked version of the anabolic diet and I've been increasing my food intake over the last week and I think I'm about ready to start around 3600 cals/ day. Stats are:

Height: 5' 10.5/11ish
Weight: 146lbs
Age: 17 (18) in may
Suppplements: Creatine, Leucine, Multi and various proteins, about to order some Carbolin-19

I lift 3-4 times a week depending on my schedual as I am a full time college student later in the spring (around april) I'll be playing rugby 3 times a week in the mean time I'll add in some cardio and rock climbing. Pics to come.


Here's what an average week looks like. If I do four times a week I add more back work and move deadlifts to a ham day.


Monday: Back/Tris

Deadlift 5X10,5,3,5,5
Close Grip Bench 5X6-8

Pull Up/Chins 4X 1 less than failure
Skullcrushers 5X6-8

Rows 4X6
Random tris

Core work

Wednesday: Legs/Shoulders

Squat 5X5
Push Press 5X6

Lying Ham Curl (or power clean) 5X10 (or6)
Lateral raise 3X8

Sissy Squat 3x8
Bent Over Lateral Raise 4X8

Leg Extension 2x10 triple drop sets
Alternate upper/lower trap work

Friday: Chest/Bis

Incline Dumbell Press 5X5
Incline Hammer Curl 5X8

Flat DB Press 4X6
Standing Curl 4X6

Straight Arm DB flye 4x10
Cable Curl 4x near fail

Core Work


Switching up training to one of the Reg Park inspired routines.


Hyperextensions 3x10 (one minute breaks)

A1) Standing barbell military press 5x5
A2) Barbell bent-over row 5x5

Take two-minute breaks in between each set of A1 and A2. Go back and forth until all of the sets have been completed.

Barbell squat 5x5 (three minute breaks in between each set)

Hyperextensions 3x10 (one minute breaks)

A1) Weighted dip 5x5
A2) Weighted pull-up 5x5

Take two-minute breaks in between each set of A1 and A2. Repeat until all of the sets have been completed.

Barbell deadlift 5x5 (three minute breaks in between each set)

Hyperextensions 3x10 (one minute breaks)

A1) Incline barbell press 5x5
A2) Dumbbell renegade row 5x5

Take two-minute breaks in between each set of A1 and A2. Repeat until all of the sets have been completed.

Barbell squat 5x5 (three minute breaks in between each set)

Any thoughts? Comments? I'll probably add 3 sets of core work as well twice per week


Ok, first workout went pretty well, I was a little hesitant to do direct lower back work before squats but it worked out ok as I didn't go too intense on it. Since I usually work with more volume this felt like I wasn't really working hard but after I had a huge pump going on so that encouraged me. Waking up today my left shoulder feels a little painful and is clicking, since I have a history of minor shoulder problems I'm going to make sure to pay attention to it.

Anyway, I realized I hadn't posted any goals so here we go. I unfortunately rarely bother to test my maxs and go generally by how I feel after 5 reps all weights are ballpark.

Starting as of Jan 19 09
BW 146 (around 6-8%)
HT 5'11"
Bench - 135 x 2
MP - 85 x 5
DL - 235 x 1
Squat - 115 x 3

Yes, I know these stats are pathetic, especially my squat to bench ratio but hey, that's why I'm in the gym to begin with.

Goals as of May 11 09 (my birthday (fuck cake))
BW 155 (at around 8-9%)
Bench - 150 x 2
MP - 135 x 2
DL - 265 x 1
Squat - 150 x 3

Anyway there you have it, I'll try to get pictures up asap.


Ok, still in it, just bumping to remind myself. I'm making good gains, fell off a little bit, drank for the first time in a while but it was more of a release to push myself past the state of caring about my increase in bodyfat. Seeing HUGE improvements in quads and hams but I wish my chest would bulk up abit more.


Looks like a solid program. Nice focus on big movements. Why do you squat/DL at the end of the session? It seems like you'll be pretty gassed by the time you get there with that first superset and all. Is that how the program was written?

Based on your DL, I'm betting you'll be squatting 200 by your birthday. Good luck!


Thanks man, I actually do all big movements (squat/DL) first and back extensions along with some lower trap work and stretching last


Back at it, peanut butter sandwhiches are my friend, also, just picked up some whole milk. I'm finally enjoying the bulk. At first I got caught up in keeping it 100% clean but with experience in low-carb diets a little extra fat wont kill me at my cut. Hitting my caloric goals much easier now and feeling stronger.
Tomorrow is deadlift day, my favorite!


So I'm officially 150lbs, sweeeeeeet


I got another order of leucine and some Carbolin 19. So I'm psyched to try the Carbolin 19 out. Yesterday I deadlifted 200 for 5 for all of my working sets. That's a big improvement from 185. Pullups are getting stronger as well.


Haha, lots of progress made, sorry I've ignored this. I've gained about 5 lean pounds and my lifts are steadily going up. After seeing little progress from squats I've switched to leg presses. Also added some power clean action to work on explosiveness for rugby and climbing


New 5x5 program after a few weeks dicking around with some volume work.

Upper/Lower split 4x a week MT/RF


A: Incline Press
B: Lat Pulldown

A:Power Clean
B:Push Press

A:Flat Bench
B:Bent-Over Row



A:Leg Press Wide
B:Leg Press Close

A:Seated Calf Raise
B:Bending Curl


Man, it's been a while since my last update. Mostly been busy with college but I've done my best to keep a solid lifting schedule. Most recently I've been lifting four times a week with a

Chest/Bis/Abs Hams/Calves/Shoulders Back/Tris/Abs Quads/Calves/Shoulders split

Looking back on my log I'm a bit disappointed as I'm only up to 165 now but still motivated. Most likely my lag in growth is due to lack of food living off campus.

Anyway, any advice or comments or criticism would be awesome.

My split looks like so right now:

Day 1:

A: Incline Dumbell Press 4x8
B: Rope grip pull-ups 4xfail

A: Flat Barbell Press 4x8
B: Straight bar Curl 4x5

A: Low-High Pulley Flyes 3x8
B: Standing Cable Crunch 3xfail

Day 2:

A: DEADLIFT 4 sets ramp to 3 reps
B: Behind the neck military press

A: Ham Curl 4x8
B: Pulley Lateral Raise 4x8

A: Calf raise on leg press machine 4x10
B: Cable face pulls

Day 3:

A: Some form of row 4X8
B: Close Grip Bench 4x8

A: Lat Pull Downs 4x8
B: Cable Press Down

A: Pull Overs 3x8
B: Standing Cable Crunch 3xfail

Day 4:

A: Hack Squat 4x ramp up to 3 reps
B: Behind the neck press

A: Leg Press 4x8
B: Cable lateral raise 4x8

A: Calf raise on leg press 4x10
B: Cable face pulls 4x8

That's the basics, I mix it up abit but those are my go tos