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Elephant The Movie


I'd like to get so input from anybody who saw this movie that is running on HBO lately. It's about a Columbine style event at a high school. It was bizarre. On top of the storyline, the camera work, the homo shower scene, all of it. It is the strangest movie I have ever seen. It literally had me feeling motion sick.


Hey bro, quit rewinding the homo shower scene and your motion sickness might cease. (J/K) :slightly_smiling: Haven't seen it, but have seen the previews. Looked mildy interesting.


I swore I'd never talk about this movie again, but the day has come where I must exercise the demons.

I rented this movie looking for something different and that is exactly what I got. It's an independant film, but that is no excuse for being so horrible. It has no ending and is boring throughout. I would never watch this movie again, even if I was promised a snuggle session with Jessica Simpson. Oh yeah, and I got my ass kicked by my two friends after as the credits were rolling just for asking them to watch it.

Now I think I can finally lock those memories away once and for all.


I was expecting something much better than what I got.

Different, yes. Worth watching again, no.



Unlike every other person on this board, you are not random. I know who you are, where you work, and where you live. You sir, are a dead man.

Nah, I'll let you live.

I caught the last ten minutes the other day, so decided to watch the whole thing last night. Thats an hour and a half I'll never get back.

Worst piece of shit I have ever seen. Made me wish Bonaduche was on.


I got sucked in too I got it on netflix worst movie ever. Gus Van Sandt has made some great movies like drug store cowboy and to die for. This movie blows how can you make columbine boring?