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Eleiko Bar


does anyone have experience with the eleiko sport training bar?
i'd like to use it as an all around bar.


Can you link or give the exact product name of the bar??

My gym got a new bar a few months ago and it was Eleiko so it may be the same.

Felt very good and solid on my back for squats (it was placed on the squat rack). Seemed rather stiff, so if you are serious about the olympic maneuvers it may not be the bar for you.

Give me more info and I'll see if they're the same one.


it's here

its the sport traing bar. i am not at any sort of competitive level, but i would like an all around bar. snatch grip hi pulls, cleans, squats, deads, bench.
i am not lifting any kind of serious weights.


eleiko bars are great and superb in all terms but I wouldn't invest such amount of money in the first round. for the price of this bar, you can get a good bar, plates (even some bumpers) and chains for example


Hey Dom:

I use a Rogue bar and it's great. Only thing is that on bench it can rotate a bit on you but even then, it's not that big of a deal.

Here's the one I have:


I also will plan on the Westside Econ Bar soon for squats and bench.

Are there better bars out there? Of course. But for the price, this one is great for me.



i probably wont put more than 500 lbs on the bar. more of the 200-400lb range.
Are you using it for everything? i'd rather not have to buy 2 separate bars
i'm mainly interested in the knurling on the grip for hi pulls and deads.
my gym has many bars. old worn out ones. and of course they are mostly worn in the area where they sit on the hooks, which is right about where my snatch grip is. the owner said i can keep my bar in a utility closet in the gym.
thanks for your help



Any body have any feedback on these bomba bars by fringesport.


The barbell is the one piece of equipment that you should spend an extra amount of money on to get quality. In the past I tried to save a few bucks buying less expensive bars and as a result I had to change barbell. DO NOT try to be smart and try to find a miraculous find with your barbell. The link you give is from a company that I never heard of... to me that's enough to NOT buy it.

Now, not everybody can afford an Eleiko barbell. But at the very least I'd go with a company that has been around for some time and that makes bearing barbells, not bushing. I personally own a Pendlay nexgen bearing bar and it is well worth the investment.

Again, the barbell is the tool of our trade. If there is one piece of equipment you should invest on, it's the barbell.


I don't like the Rogue bar, the Crossfit gym where my wife trains has them and I went there a few times to do olympic lifts and had to bring my own bar in. The bar is a tad too thick, the knurling is too rough and it is a bushing not a bearing bar. If you are serious about doing olympic lifts I'd really go for a bearing bar.



You're right; the Rogue I have is 28.5mm instead of 28mm. I've never had a problem with the knurling being too rough. If anything, it's quite mild in my experience. Rogue has like a zillion bars, and are very different - not sure which you tried.

You've got me curious now about the Pendlay bearing bar...

Thanks for the tip!


Gotcha your right,thanks for for the feedback CT.


I have this bar. The knurling is a little aggressive for my taste. If you buy the sport training bar I will trade you straight up. I got it last year, and it has of course never been on a rack.


"invest" thats the key word here.
pendlay nexgen bearing... good for my all around purposes?
still dont know if the eleiko is an all purpose bar either.
maybe for my level, it really doesnt make that much of a difference. i dont know.


im sure the knurling is the same on all the eleiko bars.
why would you trade the oly bar for te training bar?


Not sure about that. The knurling on the powerlifting bar is more aggressive than the olympic bar.


My buddy just got the sport bar, and I like it better. The knurl is less aggressive.


My buddy just got the sport bar, and I like it better. The knurl is less aggressive.


My buddy just got the sport bar, and I like it better. The knurl is less aggressive.


the knurling on the ds bar is awesome. which bars have the same knurling?
eleiko oly?
eleiko pl?
eleiko sport?


so the knurling on the sport bar is less agressive than the oly bar?
maybe i will cal them today and just ask them.