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Electronic Training Aid Device

Im studying Product Design as university, and I am designing a handheld electronic device (PDA size) to help:

Plan and follow training programmes
Log and visually review progress quickly

As well as possibly:

Play music
Demonstrate/instruct exercise technique
Suggest/upload workouts

Would you be interested in using a product like this with you in the gym?

Any responses would be hugely useful to me, thank you,


i’d like it to have a calender platform. for example days when you’re working out are in bold eg 18th of oct. you can select days and write details, side notes, how the w/o went, how you felt, how many reps what weight you achieved, etc. it would be awesome if it allowed you to take a photo and store it in that day and also store info like body fat, lean mass etc. you could write details of nutrition for each day.

this would be great, because anyone that takes progress pictures would have experienced, sometimes you look back @ pix and see something you like but can’t remember what you were doing @ the time.

i’d be interested. good job bro. keep us posted.

to be honest, you could make this an application for a mobile phone. i don’t see why it would need its own hardware. but i understand that there’s no money in making mobile applications.

One thing that would be cool for some of us nerds, is a removable accelerometer that could be attached to the wrist with velcro. This way you could measure accelerations and forces of each rep in a workout.

Just make this an iphone app or something you can install on those pda phones. I personally wouldn’t bother because I drop my log all the damn time. I wouldn’t want to be fucking up an expensive electronic device when it could just be an index card taking a beating.

THat sounds cool…price would be a factor in buying it for sure.

But honestly with how many iPhones and such there are out there now just making an app as leaftye said would be so much more cost effective for the buyers who don’t need another electrical device when they already have all their music and stuff on their iPhone

Have it be able to compare the average core lift progress between the athletes on two or more different routines.

The answer is app for iphone/touch. Why reinvent the wheel? The iphone already has the hardware developed, and you can cheaply implement a software solution.