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Electronic Skateboards

Hi friends,

Anybody here that has had any experience with a e-skateboard? Easy to learn? Which type of board? Hints and tips?

Im looking on buying one for fun cruises on the weekend and to use for the occasional commute to the local shops.

Uncle Bird.


If it’s not a hoverboard, I’m not interested!

Regarding your question I actually having nothing constructive to say… Sorry :joy:

@Irishman92 Thanks for trying anyway.

Its not a hoverboard, but its the next best thing.


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A grown man on a skateboard just screams ‘paedo’ if I’m being brutally honest.

Wow I think you were even less constructive than I was. Did u get touched by a skater when u were a little boy? Lmao

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Bumpity bump!

After years of procrastination and researching I’m about to purchase my first electric skateboard!

Any other meatheads get to the gym on an electric skateboard?


I do most of my nearby errands on an e-scooter.

It’s not unmanly if you aggressively look for eye contact with strangers while folding the scooter with one arm and slinging it on your shoulder.

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Or it could be the beard


Nope, a standing foldable scooter so that I look like a man with the most pathetic midlife crisis ever.


@loppar: what is wrong with you bro?

Why don’t you try a proper machine?


Why? I try to walk as much as possible (NEPA and all that) but sometimes it’s not possible due to time constraints so I use an e-scooter. I fold it and sling it over my shoulder so I don’t have to look for a place to park my bike.

For longer distances I usually ride my single speed city bike and I also have a MTB for weekend rides with the kids. Car is only for long distance traveling, something I teach my kids as well.

Also, if your workout sessions are particularly grueling for commuting to the gym I suggest avoiding any means of transport that require dexterity and balance such as an e-skateboard.

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That looks like fun, but how does it handle hills (up and down)?

Poorly. The electric motor is straining and you’re going at a walking pace so there’s no benefit compared to walking. It’s on flat stretches where you save time, averaging 10-15 mph if you riding on a bike lane. I usually fold and shoulder the scooter and walk if I have to go uphill.

Of course, there are more powerful ones that can easily handle hills but they’re not foldable and they’re basically motor scooters without the seat.

But for moving around town even with a medium sized backpack strapped across your back (gym stuff, a laptop or even some groceries) it’s fantastic.

Also, the older I get the more I like going around on bikes. Not “biking” as in hunched over some road monstrosity in a lycra suit but simply doing one’s business and commuting to work. I guess subconsciously it has to do with cumulative wear and tear on the joints, even if there’s no pain.

I see that many senior citizens who dabbled in weightlifting such as these two in their later years became big proponents of riding bikes around.