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Electronic Cigarette, Test Level & Quitting

Hey guys, i know that you are going to say how stupid I am and judge me to the point of being ostracized and ridiculed, but i really need help.

I’ve been involved with nutrition and resistance training to the point of obsession. In fact it’s because of that, i got accepted into the Applied Nutrition Masters Program.

However I have OCD(racing thoughts) co morbid with ADHD and General anxiety disorder. It got to the point where my panic attacks cost me my job and taking a semester off of college to get my shit together. However i have a combination of meds that I’ve personally chosen while working with my family physician (750mg Wellbutrin, 30mg Aderhal, 100mcg synthroid(for my hypothyroidism), however i have been using an e-cig(16mg nicotine a day) for about months and i never felt better, no panic attacks since the treatment and I’ve still maintained my strength.

My problem now is that I’m concerned about my total testosterone level dropping from the nicotine. about 4 months into my nicotine+meds combo i had my total testosterone taken(before my insurance ran out) and it was 639 ng/dL. My C-protein, Lipid Panel, Fasting Glucose, etc we’re great( except for my thyroid stimulating hormone of course).

SO i have a couple of questions

  1. If i stopped cold turkey, how long does it usually take for people to build their T Levels to what they we’re meant to be(even though i don’t know what they might be now)
  2. I know the effects of Insulin resistance and nicotine, so what should i do in terms of not gaining weight if/when i quit(keep in mined i have the strictest diet already, 6 years ago i weighed 230lbs and managed to get down to 140 within a year. then gained 25lbs of muscle)
  3. What supplements can i use to help me along the way(stinging nettle root, yohimbe, Maca, milk thistle etc)

Thanks Guys