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Electronic Ab Belts (Inguinal Hernia)

I have an inguinal hernia that limits me to how many crunches I can do. which isn’t many. Really I can’t do any type of exercise that targets my abdominals. I’m thinking. an electronic ab belt as I run everyday. What do u think? Does anyone have one?

I recently recovered from a sports hernia(yeah I know they’re different), but I wouldn’t want anything near my abs when I was hurt.

How about planks? Planks on a suspension system/stability ball? Woodchoopres using a cable? Gladiator rows?

Crunches arent the ideal ab exercise anyway. Although maybe you should take some time off if you have injuries.


maybe get it fixed ?

[quote]marlboroman wrote:
maybe get it fixed ?[/quote]

thats to easy come on

thnx for that veriety of work out options!! yea im planning on getting it fixed. need to figure out how to pay for it got denied for insurance and dont have the money to pay cash. furtunatly its not too serious of a condition right now, but i know its there.

thats why im trying to stay away from the xtreme ab work outs and heavy lifting that will agravate it. i have tried planks before. they do well. and that ab belt looked like a good idea and safer. " if it works"

To even think for a second that a belt will give you abs is just facepalm. Not being mean but jebus be more skeptical, and do some research for your own good.