Electromedicine Article Posted Today

Many people have been asking me about this article and I’ve mailed in privately to about a dozen people. Just wanted to let everyone know that the article is being published today. In fact, although the updated site isn’t officially “live” yet as I type this, you can reach it here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION


Chris sent me the article a few months ago. check it out, it has some great info.

VERY cool.

Just wondering: If the technology is the same in both devices, wouldn’t it be possible to take the ear clamps from the brain-stim device and, for instance, clamp them onto the skin of your upper arm to treat biceps tendonitis? Similarly, couldn’t you take the probes from the other device and hold them up to your ears to receive the calming effect?

Although the latter possibility would be kind of silly, my point is that I don’t understand why there are two devices (with such an enormous cost difference) if the electro-stim technology is the same. Or did I just miss something in the article?

WOW. Chris, that was one of the best articles I’ve read at T-Mag (and I’m pretty sure I’ve read almost all of them). I have a vague interest in this type of treatment, and it was great to see such a well informed article on the subject.
In my own personal experience, I have used various energy manipulation techniques to help remove considerable anxieties from my life at various times. I think it works quite well - although the strange part is because it doesn’t have the ‘side effects’ I almost don’t notice it.

Char - I don’t recall all the technological details , but no, this wouldn’t work. The Alpha-Stim site may have more info or just e-mail them. There’s contact info in the article.

franks - Thanks. I think I did more research for that article than any other (including going to a two day training in electromedicine). I guess it paid off.

Chris - You mentioned the one presenter who focused on identifying engrams and how that could affect performance in the gym. It reminded me of a letter someone wrote in a previous reader mail of t-mag, where whoever responded suggested that the holding of a certain substance made someone stronger because of a gripping-muscular strengthening pattern. In a way, this was along similar lines. It has a lot to do if certain substances (or their energy - which as you noted is what most substances are composed of)will strengthen or weaken you. Same thing with engrams - only its emotional energy. If you are planning on looking into the material anymore, let me know off-forum and I can probably give you a TON of sources (my mom specializes in this type of material and is more than happy to offer resources). I believe the terminology is called ‘muscle testing’ and it can be very useful, particularly in the area of determining food sensitivities or environmental toxins.

Has anyone else tried the Alpha-Stim? If so let us know what you thought, especially if you were using it for depression as opposed to drug therapy.

Does anyone know of a site to purchase one without a prescription? Thanx

John - I don’t know of a place offhand, but I assume this may be possible since you can get them without a script in most other countries. Hey, if guys can bring in roids from overseas “pharmacies” surely this is possible too, but I don’t know. You may want to write Alpha-Stim: alpha-stim@epii.com.

Bill T.- Many of the people I sent a copy of the article to bought one for depression, but I don’t know if they post on the forum much. Maybe this will serve as a bump and they’ll see your question. (Feedback is good, but I’m sure you’d rather hear it from others besides me.)

Chris sent me this article a few months ago also, and I have since got one. I try to use it a few times per week as it does help with anxiety. I bought it mostly because I was planning on weaning off of an anti-depressant that I’m currently on. But because I moved recently, and just had a bunch of other stuff going on, I decided to wait on that. Although I will do it sometime this fall. I just wanted the Alpha-Stim as a safeguard in case I have any problems during this period.

To char-dawg: the reason you can’t buy the cheaper unit and use it for the muscle stimulation is because the lesser unit operates at a much lower frequency. It would do nothing for your muscles. On the other hand, you also wouldn’t want to turn it on a muscle stim setting and attach that to your ears. I don’t think that would be a good thing. :wink:

I bought mine from the company here:


You can also get some really good info on studies on these units here:


All I needed was a prescription from my doc for a TENS session (told him my neck had flared up again). Pain Solutions accepted that. You may want to look around online and see if can find a better price, though. They seem pretty competitive, but still.

I can definitely say that this thing helps with anxiety almost immediately. And using it everyday for awhile I’m sure would help with insomnia. You just need to be patient and not expect a miracle right off the bat. Hope this is helpful.


I just read the article and I must admit that my curiosity has been piqued. Having spent just over $7000 on various health supplements and “miracle cures” for CFS in the last year or so, I have developed a fair amount of skepticism in regards to products claiming to cure people’s ilss. Nevertheless I would love to try this out but think I will wait till I read more feedback from others that have used it. At $900 for the CES unit and $1600 for the MET it represents an exorbitant amount for a person already struggling like hell to cover the bills. Still, I am extremely intrigued by this. Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention Chris.

Random - I don’t know if microcurrent has any benefits for CFS but it’s worth looking into. I’d contact the Alpha-Stim people and ask first. Then I’d ask them for a provider’s name in your area who can possibly rent one to you. (I know some do that.) Some also allow you to come into their offices for single treatments or make it part of other treatments. Also, insurance sometimes covers the treatment, at least partially. I’d start with the Alpha-Stim people and go from there. There’s contact info in the article. Let me know how it works out.

Wait, I just remembered that you’re in Australia, right? So they may be OTC there. Still, I’m sure you could do the rental thing if you find the right person. Keep me updated.

As Chris suggested, definitely look into what affectiveness it might have on CFS first, but I got my MET unit, the Alpha Stim 100, for $700. And the CES unit should be around $400 or so. Check out the links I posted yesterday. The one at www.reiddds.com may even have some info for you on CFS.

Also, while renting one could be a good idea, just make sure they’ll put your rental charges towards the purchase price if you decide to buy it. At $150/month or so (at least where I looked), it could get spendy.


Thanks Chris and Tyler for your responses.

While I haven't totally resigned myself to the fact that I will have to live with this forever, enough time has passed for me to realise that it's not going to go away over night either. Therefore I look to contain my symtoms as best as I can in the hope that my body one day "beats it". From the study I have done on this subject, I think CFS has a high correlation with CNS fatigue, as many of the symptoms are exacerbated by simple exertion or stressful situations. I think if the effects of the "stress" (physical or mental) can be alleviated by this device then it is worth it. One of the more insidious symptoms of CFS is the effects it has on cognitive functioning, rendering the sufferer to sometimes long periods of total confusion and the inability to communicate effectively or comprehend the written or spoken word. (In CFS parlance it's labled "brain-fog" because that is exactly what it feels like-Which probably explains some of my posts come to think of it, lol) If the alpha stim could simply help in this area alone, then I would consider it a bargain and money worth spent.

While doing a net search, I discovered that the machines can be rented for $450 a month here in Australia. So after I search some of the CFS forums and speak to the Alpha Stim people I will consider renting a machine for a month and see how I go from there. Chris I will definitrly keep you informed as to how I progress.

If I can just digress for one second while I am on the subject of miracle cures etc, one supplement I had the best results from was Biotest's ZMA. I know this supplement has been slammed on various boards as an overpriced mineral formulation, but I experienced definite improvements in sleep quality and libido as well as the amelioration of the constant and painfully annoying muscle spasms and arrythmia. Coincidental? Maybe. But when our local distributor ran out of supplies for two months, I had to once again switch to a generic brand, and yes, many of the symptoms returned. But it is definitely a mainstay in my recovery formula.

Thanks again for your replys.