Electrolyte Drink After Cutting Weight

I have a meet coming up next month and I might have a to cut a little bit of weight. (about 5-8 pounds at the most) I actually kept my weight fairly close to my weigh class this time round so I may not even need to cut weight by next month. So this question is really for future reference.

Gatorade and pedialyte are usually what I’d drink after weigh-ins and they work well but has anyone ever used any other electrolyte drink or supplement? My brother runs marathons and is training for a half iron man and suggested nuun and hammer nutrition for electrolyte replacement.

Anyone use these, or stuff like them, before/during a meet? Was it any more beneficial than gatorade or pedialyte?

Surge Workout Fuel actually works very well, I mix in a few scoops with some regular gatorade for flavoring. I alternate a bottle of water and that until I am back to normal weight. Hope that helps

Pedialyte’s the best thing I’ve come across for electrolyte replacement.