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Electrolyte Balance on Cycle, Involuntary Flexing

during my last blast of test E 400mg I was experiencing ab flexions that slowly creeped up as I was laying down. hamstrings feeling like they’re on adrenaline and were trying to flex,forcing me to do so. I’m suspecting my lack of potassium and huge surplus of calcium in my diet to be the perpetrator.
anybody else have similiar issues? it does seem like electrolyte imbalance is not so uncommon in suprapyshiological doses of AAS use.
my diet consists of;
3-4 whole eggs and 300 grams of boiled potatoes
leter of whole milk
600grams of whole bread
60 grams of whey
2 bowls of rice and beans ( with tomato sauce) and nearly a pound of curd cheese
should I cut down the curd cheese and milk because of all the salt and calcium in them?
go full ape and choke on a banana maybe?
my calves have also been getting crippling pumps to the point they are hard enough to deflect Superman’s heat vision. can’t even do treadmill more than 5 minutes before these bad boys cause pain equivalent to threatening to kill my entire family.

Most likely Magnesium deficiency. I recommend transdermal application of Magnesium Chloride. Designs For Health MagneGel or LifeFlo Magnesium Gel are excellent.

correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t magnesium chloride a cleaning supply?
I did forget to mention I was eating a pack (100grams) of opened sunflower seeds everyday on cycle but I dropped it halfway because it was going way over my macros. they’re told to have 300mg of magnesium each 100grams. didn’t notice much of a change when I dropped them. maybe they weren’t enough magnesium anyway?

No it’s not a cleaning supply. Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate and also works for magnesium supplementation However, sulfates are not good for the body to process. This is different from getting Sulfur from foods like onions, which the body can utilize optimally. Magnesium Chloride is acquired from the sea and is incredibly rejuvenating when applied topically. The Chloride form is the preferred one even when given via IV infusions.

I ordered a bottle from my local vitamin shop. 200mg magnesium 62 pills. I’ll take 1 near night and 1 pre workout since my symptoms trigger most then. shin pumps are unbearable and sleep is shitty
I thought of throwing in some fish oil too but from what I read it’s better to eat some fish daily instead. going to go for a 100gram canned tuna every day and update the thread on my progress for future victims of these symptoms

I don’t recommend oral Magnesium Chloride (If that’s what you bought). It does not play well in the digestive tract in most people. If you must use a oral Magnesium supplement, I suggest you opt for another product. ZMA by NOW Sports is excellent and has saved my family members when they had severe muscle cramps. Plus it contains Zinc and B6 which are also very good for the body.

oh don’t worry it’s magnesium citrate