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Electricity Hurts


A lot:


I smell curry.


damn... less than 100 views what did you search to find that?


great. I love watching people die on the internet.
Fuck you


I don't find that very funny considering that guy is most likely dead.


This is funny, but it stopped me from watching it. Seriously, do people really need to see others die for entertainment?


Dude his fucking head was on fire....FUCK ME! Post a warning next time or some shit. DAMN!


Most likely? Dude's head is on fire, I'm going with certainly.


Aside from the fact, you guys haven't seen this yet? It went around my office like two weeks ago, not on you tube though.

  1. He obviously wanted to die, you could see those guys trying to get him down, he's an idiot. 2. SERIOUSLY post a warning next time though, there's dudes on here under 16 who i doubt want to see someone die.


For some reason.. I didn't really care.

Am I psychopathic?


The title say "Real Death" in it. It should be pretty obvious what's going to happen.


I watched it a few times, damn!


x2! At first I thought it was fake because of the fucking fireball after the guy touched the wire, but after he collapsed like a limp fish and caught on fire, I was convinced it was real hah. Crazy stuff, I wonder how that's on youtube?

I've seen some weird videos on the net, terrorists decapitating civilian with knife via sawing, someone killing a guy with a hammer than stabbing him with a screwdriver, guy chopping off his dick and balls....so yeah this didn't shock me much, still weird to watch though.


Im kinda dissapointed that the cameraman diddn't zoom in on the guy after the first belting. he was kinda smoldering after the twist and fall, but you couldnt really see all the damage cause the smoke n shit.

It wasn't funny really, it was interesting to see.

I need to watch things die, from a good safe distance. Vicariously I live while the whole world dies. We all love it too, so why cant we just admit it?


No offence but this was a protest, the dude said he'd kill himself if his demands didn't get met. It was on another thread a while ago.

I laughed my ass off, that asshole wanted to die, why should I not be allowed to laugh?



Although I didn't laugh, more of a chuckle after realizing that person is a moron.

I posted this on the "Aw Shoot" thread last week or so.


That was absolutely hilarious. I watched him burst into flames like 20 times, I want to make a .gif of it.


You're sick...I think you should seek professional therapy of some kind. I'm not joking.

On another note .. there was a warning. Usually when something says "REAL DEATH" you're pretty much informed on the outcome of the situation before hand. Plus any kind of observation of the circumstances (IE train wire and guy withing grabbing distance); well you can draw conclusions from that.


Note to self: Don't ever touch any cables again. Ever!!!