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Electrical Muscle Stimulation


Has anyone used an EMS device? If so, which one and do you find it useful?

I am debating getting the PowerDot.


I’ve used one about 30 years ago. It was my brother’s that he used after a spinal chord injury to strengthen muscles that had atrophied. It didn’t really work for me.

The other time was when I dislocated my back. The doc placed it above the injury and created an interference to block/greatly reduce pain. That worked like a champ!


What are you planning on uusing it for?


Planning on using it for my back and ass. I’ve been driving a lot more for work and wake up with my back and hips in pain.


As a follow up: I ended up getting the Powerdot when it was on sale. I’ve used it on my back and glute. I love it so far. The massage setting changes the rhythm throughout. I also put it on the trouble part of my back. The intensity goes from 0-100. I was slightly concerned at how intense it could be, being a major consumer product. That said, I couldn’t exceed 11 on my back.