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Electric stimulation and lower back pain....

Does anyone know if the Igia Electrosage device they advertise on TV works as wells as the one in the chiropractors office? Is it the same thing?

Type in “EMS” at the T-mag search engine (not the forum one) and find the Charlie Francis article on this topic.

Thanks TEK! You the man!

They are great at parties! Me and a buddy were screwin’ around with one that prommised a good ab workout (eeeehhbullshiteeehhh). Only rather than hook it up to our wasteline we found other other clever places. I had one strapped to my bicep and was nearly forced to hit myself in the head with the impulses. A little prankster came running up behind me and cranked up the juice! Before I could react my arm had seized up in a full contraction! So yes, some of them have good deal of power. Are they effective? Read the article.

Get a machine with “russian stim” capabilities if you plan on using it ergogenically. Do a search for used rehab equiptment and you should be able to get the real deal rather than that infomercial crap. Personally I don’t think it will be worth the money for your probable application.