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Electric Razors

I know not many guys use them but those who do, what do you feel are the best electric razors? 1st rotary or screen and 2nd, brand.

I know there are alot of regular razor users but I am looking just for opinions on electrics.

1)Screen over rotary. Closer shave with less time/effort. No question.

2)Braun. Double screen with pivoting head. Just keep the blades clean and occasionally replace screen. They also have a portable battery powered version that is quite handy too (for the car).
I use them every day and have been for probably 10 years now. I’ve used the norelco brand in the past and found that the shave wasn’t nearly as close. Braun rules!

I’ve used Norelco for basically all my shaving life. Works for me. I’m not all that concerned with getting the closest shave possible, so I’m not in any hurry to look at other brands. Take that for what it’s worth.

a little off topic for this thread but… anyone use an electric razor to shave their balls? (anyone even do this?) anyone got any tips for doing it?

Panasonic wet/dry.

If you use an electric razor on your balls, you better be real careful. I use an electric trimmer with a guard, and I’ve knicked my nuts many times. It doesn’t feel good. I couldn’t imagine using an electric razor. I’m sure it would rip your nuts apart unless you did it real slow and held your nutsack very taut.

What a coincidence - I read an article today that said congress was going to ban balls (HR#2568).

I use a panasonic, screen type. I can’t use safety razors - I get hundreds of ingrown hairs if I do.

Thought I’d bump this out of the abyss and ask a question. Has anyone tried the Norelco Advantage electric razors. They’re the ones that have the Nivea Goo in them?


Sorry for yelling, but I couldn’t imagine that for real…I’ve knicked myself just like Nate w/clippers and DAYUM!!! that stings BIG TIME, if you are gonna shave down there just get a mach 3 turbo and go to town.

As for the brands of electrics, I have been using the single head braun one and what do you know, last night it just stopped working on me, after 3 good years of shaving…I cannot use regular razors on my face, i just break out and get ingrowns all over…