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electric razor recommendations?


I was curious if anyone could recommend a good electric razor? I currently shave with a Norelco 3605X razor - I have had it for several years now. It works well on my face, but on my neck it doesn't do a very good job anymore. Plus, as I get older and my beard gets thicker, it doesn't seem to give me as close a shave (nor as comfortable a shave) as it used to. I just recently replaced the heads, that didn't seem to make much difference. So, I'm in the market for a new one - preferably wet/dry, close shave, but good for sensitive skin.

Blade shaving is unfortunately out because it gives me bumps on my neck and they get sliced off - very unpleasant.


Have you tried just replacing the rotary heads?


Yeah I already tried that, didn't make much difference (if any). It works well enough on my cheeks and whatnot, but is worthless on my neck.

I have been hearing good things about the new panasonic wet/drys...


Neck hair grows every which way, so it will never work great there. I just do the best I can on them, then use a mach 3 on the rest of it. IT works pretty well. I have sideburns too, so I can't truly use my electric around them, so I trim around them with my mach 3.

I have the self-cleaning braun. It is great. Love it.