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Electric Razor Choices?


I know there are some older threads, but many of the decently reviewed ones online are all within the last few years.

Anyone have an electric that they rely on for the majority of their shaving that they feel is unquestionably worth the investment?

I’m looking at a few Braun, Norelco, and wahl options but it’s difficult without actually giving 'em a test drive.



It really depends on how coarse your beard hair is in all honesty. If you have really thick/tough hair you going to want to get a higher end Braun, but if you have light hair even a Wahl will work fine.

As a side note I stopped using an electric razor (still own a Norelco when I want to be lazy and it’s compact one to just hit my neck), but use a straight edge blade now. Awesome investment and the best shave ever if you ever want to go that route!

But i own a Braun Series 9-9095cc and it’s worked really well for me when I have used it (got it has a gift). I got thick hair so it gives me a very clean shave for an electric. It’s like $250-$300. But I still prefer the straight edge lol.


Definitely more coarse growth with me. I love shaving with a blade, but I was thinking that being the “shave in the car while driving to work guy” might spare me some time and allow for a daily clean shave instead of my every three day current situation.



I second the Braun endorsement. I am on my second Braun after using my first one for several years. If you take care of them (keep it clean and occasionally oiled), they will last a while. I had a Norelco in college, which was fine, but not noteworthy. They are pricey, but worth it, imo.


I have had a Braun Series 7 for almost a decade. Stopped using these days, cause it’s trendy to look homeless… but I’ll return to it one day soon.


I’ve used a Wahl trimmer for over 3years now. Can’t remember the model but it was around $110. Lots of attachments, great battery life and I’ve never had an issue with it.

FYI the aerosol oil spray u buy instore is a lot better on the shavers rather than the liquid oil they come with… Or at least that’s what a couple of the shop workers told me.