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Election Day Thread


All election day updates here - make it easier for the new people joining PWI today to follow the election.

Vote Trump!


Dixville Notch goes to Hillary


Good to see someone write in Romney for 1 vote too LOLOLOL



Only watched a minute, but that is a fantastic ad. If Trump had run the kind of campaign you’d think he had run by only watching that ad, he would be up five going into election day.


+1 for Johnson in the books. On a side note, I saw at least 3 Hillary for prison shirts at my polling place.


Apparently there’s notable voter fraud occurring in Philadelphia no full story yet


Check this video in the article

Edit also this in PA as well:

Edit: handing out Hillary material illegally

Edit 2: voter fraud now in Pittsburgh

Edit 3: Trump supporter in Philadelphia threatened by a belt

Edit 4: bus of people from NY caught voting in Philadelphia


I feel this is accurate.

Also I’m sad I don’t get to make a Election Drinking Party thread now that this thread is up (The video was going to be my intro lol). +1 Johnson.


Lol, God bless us…


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It’s almost expected in Philly. If you remember the Black Panther Party in 2012. Not fraud but definite voter intimidation going on.


And it’s been fixed. I know that your paranoid brain assumes every single little technical glitch that happens today is part of BIG CONSPIRACY but seriously, sometimes technical difficulties just happen. And despite your coming assertion that it always happens in one direction favoring one party…it doesn’t, it’s just that you only read about the things that happen in that direction.


Voter fraud or machine error…we had the same thing happening both ways where I’m at. Workers easily made the corrections.


So wait, you’re saying that it WASN’T part of the conspiracy to elect Hillary, but rather an innocent technical glitch?



Issues with voting machines in the Democrats favor in a swing state.

Doubt the coincidence - Democrats are making one last attempt to sway the election

It’s amazing the faith people have even after all we’ve learned about how the Democrats operate this election


Now in Pittsburgh


I had to shoulder a guy holding a Vote For Clinton sign and yelling about how he doesn’t vote for Nazis out of the way. He was blocking the sidewalk/entry way to the voting location.

I doubt that qualifies as voter intimidation, but definitely obnoxious.


It’s not faith; it’s that we know that shit goes on in both directions. I’ll tell you what I’d like to vote on. It’s your application for citizenship!


There’s a video of a guy claiming he was threatened with a belt In Philadelphia for being a Trump supporter