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Election Day... Nov. 2nd (GAL)


I'm reaching out to young people, 18-30. This forum is the best to reach out. Most of you probably do not engage in our PWI forum, but I wanted to point a few things out for you, as you are probably mostly not interested in, nor do you likely follow politics. (I can see the back button being clicked already)....

but if you are still reading.....

This mid term election is very important. More important than football, or the Giants and Rangers in the world series because this actually effects your life and ability to choose for yourself the several things in life you should have a say about, like what you eat, where you go, what you like.....how much you can earn.

You are young, and 70% of you, if you voted, are probably dudes who voted for the first or second time, but really only knew about 2 guys...Obama and McCain...and the rhetoric they spew on both sides, but ultimately decided with help of friends, and news.

I implore you to get involved with what is happening and learn for yourself what this year means to you and your future. Decide for yourself.Read T-Nation PWI http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/world_news_war?pageNo=1&s=forumsNavTop , read www.foxnews.com, www.msnbc.com etc and see what our government officials have in store for you.

If you know more about your sports team and lifting than you do with what our elected officials have in store for you, just take a quick second and look at that. Does that make sense? We are at a severe crossroads with our nation and it's basic principles we were founded on.

Please take the time and get to your polling station this year. Your future could depend on it. Your ability to make money, our markets, your paycheck, your healthcare, choices and how much freedom you have.....is on the line.

Thanks for listening. I hope I have made a few people think about it.

***This message was sent with a little bias of political party or political persuasion as possible*****


Lucky for me my polling place is a five minute walk away, unlucky for me that gets rid of any excuse to not vote.


Heh heh your avvie is so ironic with your post.


I would vote... if I was registered. Too late now.


Dont vote.

Not only is it a complete and utter waste of time, it will probably also make you ghey.

Make a lot of money and buy some congressmen, that is how you get things done.


If you're gonna vote liberal.

..unless you're voting to legalize pot..that's one of the few liberal votes I'm okay with..


Many conservatives share the same view. For me, I'm voting NO on Pot in CA, even though I'm for it. There are too many open ends to the bill right now we have not addressed.


Sorry I'm Canadian.


I'm debating about voting. I know what I'm for and what I'm against, but I don't know enough about PA politics.


Wow, disappointing.

I bet if I named this thread, "Prof X, and Your Penis on Halloween with Hookers", I'd have 2,000 views by and 190 responses by now.

Go Giants?


I'm thinking people just know that voting for someone means nothing unless American politics in general is reformed. That and the reliance on the two party system really is the bane of our existence.


. . . First, too many ellipsis marks.

Second, you would have "us young folk" read party advertisement websites and a forum dedicated to internet pissing matches between Those Who Know and Those Dumb Fucks to "know what is in store for us?" Interesting.

The America we knew, we grew up with, that tucked us in at night and made us do naughty things but said not to tell because no-one would believe us, it's under attack. It's being attacked, molested, raped, and bound and gagged in disturbingly arousing ways. And it's NEVER BEEN LIKE THIS EVER. SO BAD, YA'LL.

There is a disturbing trend, which I follow, and which many of my associates follow. We're part of the "in-crowd," you see. What we do, is we study the various politicians whom we can influence with our vote. We study their voting history, campaign promises (there's little digital media not easily found on the internet, so this is easier than it's every been), corporate associates, and the like. We consider this with our current knowledge, consult with others whose knowledge of a specific area is greater than our own, remove emotion totally from our decision making process, and then vote with the intent of electing the person who will do the least harm.

Because we are completely fucked, and we would rather have the guy who's going to at least lie and say there's gonna be lube involved.

[The preceding was a satire illustrating the overtly venomous nature of party-aligned media outlets. To explain: specific, neutral facts (as all facts inherently are) were wrapped in a story which was condescending, vitriolic, and led the intellectually subdued to a specific conclusion. In this instance, the conclusion "it doesn't matter," applied to a very specific circumstance (the election of public officials) which was in itself a satirical statement contradicting the general idea behind slanted media which is "this motherfucker is on acid and eats babies - why your children will get AIDS."

To unwrap the facts from the satire: it is a burgeoning trend for young voters to ignore traditional sources of information, which are in fact primarily entertainment venues, and instead focus on hard data. When the data needs a specific knowledge set to interpret, that knowledge set is accessed via education from those "in the know."]

I'm very sad I had to post the last two paragraphs to explain, but politics = POLITICS = I'M ALREADY ANGRY, DUMBASS," and as such, reason will be turned off in many who read this thread.

And fuck the PWI: there can be no discussion when everyone already knows they're right.




No one should use the T-Nation PWI forum as a resource for political education.


i am voting and i will read over the props as well as the people running when the time comes. And i am voting yes on legalizing marijuana only because i love it when the federal government comes in to the states government and says "fuck you"


Are you kidding me? Why would you tell young voters to view some of the most biased, sensationalist reporting in the world in order to help them make decisions?

I agree that young people must vote (I'm 23), but if they're going to read anything to educate themselves before they do, they should simply read the Voter Information Guide provided by the state.


Simple, straightforward, and it isn't spewed forth by ridiculous talking heads.






Also, if there are tons of people in this country who think like some of the massive crap I see in the PWI forum, we are all fucked anyway.


Better yet, young (and old) dudes-- go get involved in your local politics where "R" and "D" and "G" badges don't mean so much and the decisions directly affect you and your neighbors. That's where it should start.

Federal politics is a sham. By the time it gets to that point, it's not about you. At that point it is all about money from corporate entities (and that doesn't mean just "big bid'ness") -- that's unions, that's PAC's, that's "special interest" (environmental; oil; IT like Google, MS, etc; business; lobby; banks; etc).

I have been involved in my local and state politics for several years now-- it's amazing the change you can affect locally. I regularly contribute to and moderate a political forum frequented by local/state media, politicians, business owners, etc, and just having access to these people is eye opening.

If Jon Stewart influences your thought process, you are lost. If you rely on Bill O'Reilly for your 'talking points' you are lost. If you've watched a sum total of 5 minutes or more of Olberman/Maddow, you are lost. If you rely solely on PBS for your news/commentary, you are lost. If you rely solely on FOX for political commentary, you are lost.

If you are not reading at minimum two opposing articles for a news story to get 'both sides', you are lost. If you think PBS is 'fair' and FOX is biased you are fucking lost. If you think Limbaugh is always right, you are lost. If you rely on TNation PWI forum for political banter you are lost.

How many of you have ever walked door to door to tell people about someone you completely believe in to represent you? Let me tell you, it's one of the roughest yet most satisfying experiences you can imagine. People who disagree with you will give you many reasons why, and it will MAKE you fact check everything you thought you knew (and check everything said against them). In other words, you become an expert by immersion. Trial by fire. Get off your couch.

If you can't, at minimum, name your state's congressional delegation, your county leaders, and your local state house/senator's names you are so.fucking.lost. Why do you think your federal votes matter if you can't be bothered by what's happening in your neighborhood?

Being informed takes time and energy. Put down your Fantasy Sports stats and your PS2 controller and go participate in your town meetings.


Great Post.