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Elbows 'Tucked', Tendon Problems?


Some coaches recommend tucking your elbows/screwing in your shoulders/getting them in external rotation on all horizontal presses. Would this be dangerous on militaries? Of course, pressing in the scapular plane (so, ~one fist wider than shoulder width grip), using a natural scapulo-humeral rhythm?

Practically, if seen from the front, the elbows will not be perpendicular to the ground, but closer to the body than the palms (like any PLer benching - elbows in, as such not _|_ to the ground)
Would this cause any impingement, tendon problems etc. (like arms-hanging incline curls, behind the back OH presses, and upright rows do)? (For the majority of the population)

Many many thanks, Eisen (I'm testing this, it might finally allow me to do OH presses...)