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Elbows Out Bench Shirt? Gaining Weight?

I'm an elbows out bencher and was wondering what bench shirts are made for elbows out to the point it hits my lower pec but not the upper abs. Or are most shirts made for elbows in?, Also, I plan on trying to gain 20lbs even if it takes all year and was wondering if I should wait to buy the shirt. Thanks for any help.


To my knowledge there are no shirt made for this. Think about it logically - the shirt mostly aids the lower half of the BP - so in essence, the shirt IS your pecs - elbows out takes tri power away and if you're wearing a shirt and you're taking your tri power away, what is left? See my point?

Lastly, I don't know about the wisdom of pushing your BP for one rep maxes in the form you describe - I'm sure elbows out have their place in BB, but I would think you're a shoulder and pec injury waiting to happen.


I have NEVER been an elbows in bencher. I have used the Inzer (blast, HD, HDHP, EDHP?) shirts and am have used the Titan (Fury and F6). I have an arch and love my F6. I bench elbows out and found that all shirts have helped. Use the Titan products, they are cheaper and the quality is fantastic.



Beef, of course a shirt will help even with elbows out; but I do not believe you are getting as much bang for your buck as the guys that bench elbows in. I would wager they get a bigger carry over.