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Elbows: Just How Tucked?

When using the tucked in elbows aproach for benching, just how tucked should the elbows be? When I try to keep them basically touching my ribs at the start, i seem to have no power. Any vids or advice?

Try a 45 degree angle from the torso and manipulate it from there. Are you concerned with your raw or shirted form?

raw form, I don’t use a shirt. (only 18, haven’t really gotten into all the gear type stuff)

i only tuck just barely enough to touch the bar to my belly. quite a bit of the bottom part of my range of motion is pushing my belly up to the bar. u are in a biomechanically stronger position with the elbows out so don’t tuck too much. BTW it’s not too early to start learning a shirt. I just turned 19 and have been using a shirt for months…it takes a loooong time to master form, getting a head start is always good.

Keep the arms around 45 degrees (atheletic form). There is no need to tuck them anymore if you are benching raw.

any links to pics or vids of this? I understand the basic concept, but pictures or videos that show the form would be very helpful.