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Elbows Hurt When I Bench Heavy


Occasionally when i Bench heavy my elbows hurt a little and my tricep gets really tight. I had mono soi took a month long break from training and the first day i came back it felt fine. However it happened a little bit about a week ago. Any ideas as to what the problem could be? I also don't do much bicep work could that be the issue? The only time i really work them is when i do pull ups and chin ups


It could not hurt to do a little direct bicep work at all. Also, do you warm-up sufficiently? Which for you may even involve some lighter tricep pushdowns, and taking your time on bench working your way up to you working/target weight. Start with the bar and go from there. The older I get, the longer my warm-ups take. It kills me to see guys come in and start with like 50% of their working weight for the day.


A few things come to mind here:

  1. Soft-tissue work. Foam roll your tris or even take a lacrosse or racquet ball and roll it along your tris down to your elbows.

  2. Technique. We'd have to see a video to be sure, but I think some heavy lat work would only help your cause. Learn to activate your lats when you press and your elbows almost automatically fall into a more favorable position.

  3. Glucosamine. Definitely a supplement worth taking to help nagging joint pain.

  4. Fish oil. Same as 3.


Supersetting between high rep bicep and tricep work has worked better than anything for me for elbow tendonitus.


ur elbows can only take so much when pressing heavy

I used to get bad tendonitis so I started using these for all pressing exercises

No pain and gives confidence to do things like heavy rack press negatives


Warm up the whole joint. I love using Blue Heat from EliteFTS, amazing shit. Kinda hooked on the mint stuff. They just sold out I think, but they have some stronger stuff you could try. The pink stuff smells funny and isn't as strong, so I'd just avoid it. PS, Eric Cressey approves of the stuff, so another thumbs up

Read this: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_repair/13_tips_for_mighty_elbows_amp_wrists


Went to the gym stretched for about ten min warmed up with 4 sets of tricep pushdowns and started benching with the bar and then 95 then 135 ect....and hit a new PR 290 15lbs up from before thanx alot


Get some elbow sleeves. My are fairly cheap and I noticed an improvement the first time I used them.


Good stuff!


I currently have tennis elbow and some tricep irritation. I started using elbow sleeves and staying away from lifting too heavy for a while, which is a big help. Improper technique can contribute to the pain, but for me it was lifting too heavy too often. Jim Wendler told me to do finger extensions w/ rubber bands and it has made a HUGE difference.


It's always the little shit that no would ever think of that usually makes the biggest differences.



No problem. Glad it helped out.


It made a huge difference within 1-2 days?


Yea. No joke.