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Elbows Hurt from Chins and Pull-Ups


Ok, so I used to suck(still kinda do) at chins and pull-ups so i decided to buy one of those chin bars i can use at home. It proved to be a really good investment as i got better at chins and my back got thicker and wider. But then i ran into some trouble: my elbows started getting kinda sore, i ignored it at first but now its gotten slightly worse. What should i do? I don't wanna lose out on the benefits of doing them but then again, i dont enjoy being in pain.


You just learned a lesson.

When it hurts, stop. Fix problem. Resume.




Stop doing them until your elbows don't hurt
Start taking some fish oil. Today.
When they no longer hurt, you'll need to find a grip that doesn't hurt, switch to doing them on rings, or start doing pulldowns with some gentler attachment.
I find chinups with a grip slightly outside shoulder width much gentler than pullups.

How's your shoulder mobility? Might want to google "dc broomstick stretch"


as mentioned in the article linked above - for some people, chins and pull ups ARE bad for elbows. This is definitely true for me with chins. I dont do them on a flat bar anymore.

The best solution: gymnastic rings (as suggested in the article)


try using an eva foam roller and / or a tennis ball to roll out ouchies in your biceps / triceps / forearm. somewhat surprisingly... tight muscles can sometimes result in elbow pain and / or a tendonitis feeling in the elbow.


thanks a TON dude. I just realised where my problem is. I got overzealous(like a mega noob) and started doing them everyday from a bar. Before this i had even posted in ''Injuries & Rehab'' thinking that i could fix my elbows with bicep curls. Now i know better. Until i can get access to some rings i will most def cut down on them.
Cheers again.


I definitely have learnt


My shoulder mobility is not bad. But the pain from chins did spread slightly to my left shoulder and had some trouble benching today so i stopped and im waiting for it to subside


Look into getting a couple of sessions of ART


Also look into using fish oil (or Flameout) if you aren't already.