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Elbows Always Tucked In?

I was wondering because it’s quite well known you’re supposed to tuck your elbows in while bench pressing due to avoid excess stress on the shoulder joint and possibly help prevent surgery down the road.

Should you do the same for say a Dumbbell Shoulder Press and keep your elbows tuck in as well? Because it’s practically the same movement just up instead of forward. What about Lateral Raises?

I reason I ask is because my shoulders are very irritated and I think it has to do with the fact when I first started lifting I didn’t have proper form. Shoulder Presses, Lateral Raises and Barbell Bench put strain on my shoulders. Dumbbell Bench didn’t due to the fact I naturally tucked in my elbows.

The whole point of a shoulder press is to activate the shoulders, which is what you get by flaring your arms out, so no, you should keep your elbows flared out to your sides, not tucked.

Do you know what a lateral raise is? You can’t possibly tuck your elbows in a lat raise, you simply lift your arms away from your body with dumbbells in your hands.

For now you should do some rotator cuff work with light dumbbells and cables/pulleys and lay off shoulder-intensive exercise for a week or so.

I know what a lateral raise is, I was wondering if you should lift your arms 180 degrees or slightly less than that.

I like to think of making an arcing movement instead of a straight up/down press when I use dumbells. I think it actually helps focus more of the delt instead of allowing the tri to activate so much.