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Elbows Ache with Lat Work

When doing lat work my elbows ache, and make me quit the movement before my back is done. This is happening on every movement I use, freeweight, or machine. I think it’s becasue my biceps are weaker then my lats. Would this make sense? For back work+arm the next few days I plan on doing:

military press 5/3/1
Lat pulldowns One heavy, one lighter work set
chest supported DB row work up to one heavy set
dumbell row 2x5-10
Incline dumbell curl

They also hurt doing these:

I would assume weak bis, and would like to hear from someone whose possible had the same problems. I’d like to know if there was another thing that caused the problem.

I get the same think with my right elbow only on BO rows, think the issue is I’m starting the pull with my bicep not my back…

Exactly where in the elbow is the pain, Zep?

I’m not sure what’s meant by “ache” here. An “ache” I’d probably just try to work through, and I would supplement with bicep work. It might be worth mixing up the order of exercises as well. Try varying grips to see if that helps.

I have what may be a similar issue. I have a piercing pain in my left bicep that shows up at some point in most any back routine I do. The pain I have is at the lower end of the bicep into the brachioradialis. I’ve quit doing direct bicep work as a result. (Today, just for kicks, I tried reverse curls again with only 40lbs. and gave up very quickly.) Anyway, my pain is significantly worse on wide grip pull-ups compared to neutral grip. It tends to not bother me when I do row work, but I stick to neutral or supinated grips. I do not think I have an obvious strength imbalance. I’m going to duck and post some stats. I’m 5’7" and about 150lbs. The last time I did curls I could do 50lb. dumbbells for about 8 reps. These days I do rows of about 200lbs. for 8 reps. And I can do neutral grip chins for 5 reps with 80lbs. attached. I did 15 reps with 50lbs. on the dip belt today. And I bench about 215lbs. for 10 reps.

I tried total rest for awhile and things got a lot worse. I tried doing bicep work for a bit and it seemed like it was getting a bit better, but then one day it was as bad as ever.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be much appreciated. In the meantime, Zep, try varying grips to join me in the “if it hurts, don’t do it” club…

One thing I just noticed with my pain is that pull-ups from a bar (closed grip) hurt while pull-ups on a ledge (just hanging on from fingertips) do not. I guess I could play with using hooks or another grip assist (but then I’ll just watch my forearms wither away). What might also be interesting is that on curls my bicep hurts whether my fist is closed or not.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Exactly where in the elbow is the pain, Zep?[/quote]

crook of the elbow. I’ll update this weekend after training said muscles.