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Elbow & Wrist Health Forever


ive had a history of shoulder trouble, but eventually found the solution between the book of arnold and here (brought up uppper back, shoulders fixed :wink: Then wouldnt ya know, elbow trouble..... diagnosed as lower brachial tendionitious. ive rehabed it several times, but keeps comming back. now my wrists are getting worse, ive had trouble with em too. wrapps and what now hlp, but i cannot find the underlying problem. And no, stop lifting IS NOT AN OPTION.....damn doctors.


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Are you taking the supplements which help joint pain?

Glucosamine, MSM, Fish Oil, Boswellia etc.?


I take fish oil, flax seed oil, glucosamine, chondrotin, and msm. 3g of fish and flax, and a triflex(gnc) morning and night. yes they help, and if im not in full on train mode, i rarely have trouble with em. its frustrating when you know you can do more, but an injury is holding ya back.

for example, for quite some time i could not straight bar curl more than 100 lbs with out adding a week of elbow rehab, i respond great to heavy cheat curls..... but couldnt do em. just though someone would know of a strength imbalance, or a n excercize i could do, something.

as i said, i had similar probs with my shoulders, until i brough up my upperback. that happened because i started doing correct full body programs, but later found that is a "rule of thumb" for shoulder problem. shoulders hurt? do upright rows, ect.


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check out any book by Pete Egoscue.


Try changin your rep parameters. Go for many reps, which will mean reduced load, which means reduced pressure on your joints.

Also, be careful with your joints, never fully extend, always go to about 95% at most (especially with the elbows).

If I'd been battling this for a while, a day wouldn't go by where I didn't hit fish oil, glucosamine and chondroitin.