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Elbow Tendonitis Support

I have terrible elbow tendonitis from low bar squatting. Can any of you recommend some products that will support the elbow during lifting. Would a product like this work? https://www.amazon.com/McDavid-Elbow-Starp-Pads-Large/dp/B002DPBHCA/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1468549477&sr=8-14&keywords=tennis+elbow

some of those supports will help a little, pain will still be there though, what kind of grip do you have on the bar?

Thumbs under. I tried thumbs over but I couldn’t secure the bar with my fingers and my hands just kept sliding apart.

So i might get flamed a little for this opinion, but I think squatting with a super low bar position is dumb if your not an elite powerlifter. if you move the bar up your traps 3 inches, your squat will go down 40 or 50 pounds maybe, but if you keep the same mechanics as far as hip drive and sitting back the carryover will be a hundred percent if you decide to peak and go back to it for a meet. I just hated it because my elbows and shoulders always hurt and that made training suck. just a suggestion, lots of old time powerlifters did this, including the great ed coan

as far as the elbow thing is concerned, I think those straps might help a little, but what really helped me was a combo of things, lots of fish oil, band flossing, smr with a ball, widened out my grip, and went overhand which will likely be easy if you move the bar up a little. straps like that just help cover up the pain for little bit until it gets even worse

and depending on your stance as far as drug go, do some research into mk 677, tb500, or some hgh all these will drastically make a difference, and the tb500 and mk 677 is very afforable

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I had some bad tendonitis that I resolved with lots of light stretches, fish oils, along with an elbow sleeve. You can find them at dollar stores and they really do make a difference while you train. Warm up thoroughly as well, keep your weights a little lighter for the time being.