Elbow Tendonitis from Wrist Wraps

I squat low bar and my left wrist use to hurt a lot before I started using wrist wraps last week. However, since I’ve started wearing wrist wraps the pain has shifted from my wrist to my elbow. I presume this is because the wrist wrap is preventing my wrist from bending back and as a result placing more stress on my elbow. What can I do to relieve the pain?

Well, you could use elbow sleeves but I won’t be surprised if you end up having shoulder pain instead. I would suggest you back off from low bar squats for a while and use another variation, high bar squats perhaps? Meanwhile, you might want to work on your mobility in your wrist/shoulders. This is just what I feel/what I would do, I ain’t no expert.


Are you gripping close and forcing your elbows under the bar?

If so, move your grip out and pull your elbows into your sides. Once you learn how to stay tight that way your elbows will stop hurting.

Ideally squat with a safety bar for a month or two before to let your elbows calm down.


Like Ben and Mark pointed out you need some time off from low bar for a while to let everything heal.

Mobility work is a must for low bar, and or taking your hands out much wider. Go thumbless, eagle claw, what ever while you work on your mobility and lessen the pain.

A video or picture of your setup would help a ton too.

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Take a break, or learn to train around it. When I squat, I can’t bench for a full 6 days after from pain, but mine is in the bone and marrow itself.

And get slingshot compression cuffs

shameless plug lol

work on shoulder mobility

Since it hasn’t been mentioned, also work on thoracic extension mobility.