Elbow Tendinosis

Afternoon Folks,

Long story short, I was doing lying tricep extension around 4 months ago and strained the elbow on the outside to which I was told was tennis elbow. I then took 2 weeks rest then came back to just do lighter training and more mobility stuff and it never bothered the elbow at all as I still have full strength and ROM and this is still the case. Its been ok up until recently where I competed in Tough Mudder Scotland this last Saturday just passed and since then its flared up a bit.

I tried a chest/back routine on Monday and only managed 2 exercises and had to go home an ice the hell out of it. It feels fine but its a lot more sensitive now. I’ve been looking into it an found its something that never fully goes away and you just have to rehab it to be able to train with it.

I’m just curious as to if there is anybody else who has or has had it and what did they do for it?

If you would have used the search function you would have found 100 different threads already in existence about elbow pain and tendinitis.

i would try foam rolling your triceps. it cured my ‘elbow tendonitis’ like magic - so is surely worth a shot. little cost if it doesn’t work…

(similarly foam rolling my calves sometimes helps me with cranky achilles tendon)