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Elbow Sugery Questions

I have run into quite a bit of bad luck. Long story short, I was at a local fair and there was an arm wrestling competition and my second match There was a loud pop. immediatly I knew something was wrong I couldn’t fully extend my arm, and it became really swollen. I went to the er the next day. I was seen immediately and got x rays and turns out I fractured my elbow. Not sure of the scientific term. Any way I talked to the nurse and I have to see the orthopedic surgeon when the appointment is made. They put me in a temporary cast and said that what could likely happen is that they would have to screw the piece back to my elbow. Have any of you had a screw but in your elbow, or had a similar injury to this. What was your recovery time, rehab, did you get ful.l mobility back. Has your current training suffered, and anything else that could help me.

Thanks for your help in advance.

As with most post orthopedic surgeries, you will be looking to regain ROM which for the elbow joint is hard to regain fully(esp extension) to pre fracture levels.

I just posted for some help of my own. I had 3 surgeries. Mine was a major break on the heads of humerous, ulna, radius and tendons/ligaments. Sounds like yours is nowhere near what mine was. Good news is my surgeon with all that happened didnt use one screw or plate. He basically put the bone’s of the heads back in place like a puzzle to fuse together. Hope that helps a little. Good Luck. My original heal time would’ve been 10-12 weeks. Unfortunately with how bad my elbow was I needed 2 more surgeries to get the full range of motion. So if its one and done you may only be out 8-12 weeks.