Elbow Strain

Hi Guys: Hopefully this isn’t too remedial a question, but seems I’m really not sure what to do! My left elbow seems to be strained to the point that the pain keeps me from being able to lift as much as my muscles want to. What do you do when this happens? Not only that, but this was after taking two days off. How can I keep lifting/building/gaining but still give my elbow the rest I assume it needs?

You need some ART. It should greatly help as long as the damage isn’t to extensive. Hard to give a better opinion without an exam and case history.

You will maximise gains over time by letting the elbow get 100% before straining it much. 2 Days isnt much rest at all … I think 1-2 weeks is a fairer rest period in the overall scheme of things. Really, getting big is a marathon not a spint so dont rush things … how about some leg specialisation for a while, maybe give calves more attention than they would otherwise get. Flax oil will help the joint to function smoothly and some Glucasomine, Condroitin, and MSM will further assist function and recovery.

My suggestion would be to have someone qualified to diagnose take a look at it. If it is the elbow joint that hurts, you don’t have a strain you have a sprain or other connective tissue injury and it will take a bit longer than even 1-2 weeks, esp. without proper care. Just my 2cents.

Thanks for the advice guys - I’ve been takin it easier and am gonna get it checked out… one question tho, and pardon me for bein a doofus, but what is ART?

ART Is Adhesion release technique. It is a very specific form of soft tissue maipulation. Do a seach for “miracle worker” about Dr. Leahy ~sp He is the founder of the technique. It has been incredibly helpful for many athletes. Good luck.

The best thing to do would be to get it looked at by someone qualified to treat and diagnose these types of injuries. ART would definitely help immensely but it’s doubtful you have an ART practitioner in your area.
Some simple things you can do are to ice the elbow for 15 minutes every day…especially after workouts. Since you’ll probably continue working out regardless of what people tell you make sure you do a lengthy warm up, raise the reps and time under tension, and concentrate on the muscle not on the weight lifted. Emphasize a slow and controlled tempo and if this continues to give you trouble then you’ll most definitely have to take a lay-off from training.
I’ve had tendonitis in both elbows and both knees so I know how painful these types of conditions can be.