Elbow Strain Halting Training

It seemed to come on after moving a bunch of furniture. Regardless it is halting training. I have a strain that seems to be centered @ my inner forearm where it attaches to the tricep. It hurts mostly during wrist flexion, and mostly intensely during any type of row or pull. Ive gotten ART twice but no prevail yet. Ive given a week off of upper body and still lingering/ What should I do? Everything seems to bother it. even isolation movements.?

i was recently suffering from a similar elbow-related problem recently. i bought a pair of ace elbow sleeves with neoprene around the elbow and tight elastic everywhere else. i actually like these more than some of the more expensive varieties designed for powerlifters (a friend let me borrow a pair).

after 2 months away from pull-ups (probably caused the issue) and wearing the elbow sleeves every time i work out i am not suffering any limitations from the elbows anymore.

  1. RICE
  2. soft tissue with a tennis ball yourself.
  3. examine your training for stuff that aggrevates the elbow. Dynamic/speed work aggrevates my elbows
  4. Search the archives here, loads of threads like this exist

im fucked!
ive had deep acupuncture, and ART and given it off time
but still every db i pick up, every thing requiring grip is hurting!


Ok feels somewhat better for the first time. Im worried that any training will keep re injuring it? (besdes legs!

should I

wait till it completely clears up?

Or work through it a bit?
risking reagitation

If its bothering you still, I’d stay away from pulling movements. But if benching/dips aren’t troubling you, then I’d do them to get blood flowing through the area to help healing. Then ice afterwards.

Slam those legs.

yeah I just didn’t go today im afraid of missing a month as opposed to a week.

Everything that requires any type of grip flares it up!

Holding db, tell you the truth pulling a chair towards me hurts!

I can do it but it stays hurting for days!

I cant even do flys.

I mean I can work through it have my strength but after Im done Im dead.

It hurts so carry on resting it. How else is your body supposed to tell you to rest?