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Elbow (Sort of) Pain for 1+ Year

Hey guys, quick question. I have a pain that originates in the area of my right elbow. It only hurts on certain lifts like reverse curls (especially reverse preacher curl), seated military DB press, and incline db press. I’ve kind of just lived with it, but it’s been pretty bad lately; yesterday, I was unable to do reverse curls because of the pain. Anyways, not sure what is causing it, and not sure what I should do to help it. Suggestions appreciated!

get a tennis ball and if you don’t find anything a lacross ball… have a roll around your triceps. maybe your biceps, too. i had this horrible nagging elbow pain for a while… was really happy to discover it was due to seriously knotty triceps. now i’ve started working on them my elbows don’t hurt anymore. luck.

Ok I’ll give that a try. I feel like it could be in my lower biceps/upper forearm.

besides foam rolling try some direct exercises for your forearm, it helped with my golfer’s elbow a lot.

direct exercise to the forearm might tighten the musculature around the elbow and the referred pain which seems to originate in the elbow could get worse

rolling out is great, try it on your traps and posterior deltoid as well. they are underestimated in their destructiveness throughout the body. How is your wrist mobility, scap retraction and scap stability? have any shoulder mobility issues?